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  1. kai

    Found Alive TX - Rudolph 'Rudy' Farias, 17, Houston, 6 March 2015 *found beaten and unresponsive in 2023*

    Any life insurance experts here? Is it true that if a person is a beneficiary on a life insurance policy and they go missing, that a person has to be declared missing for three years before another person can claim the money?
  2. kai

    NY - Woman abducted in Toyota minivan, photo stills, Brooklyn, 21 Apr 2023 *resolved*

    My first impression was she had some kind of medical braces on her legs.
  3. kai

    MI - Active shooter at Michigan State University. Fatalities Reported. 13 Feb '23

    Agenda Free Tv streaming on YouTube is also covering this.
  4. kai

    ID - 4 Univ of Idaho Students Murdered - Bryan Kohberger Arrested - Moscow # 53

    The police never stated the other people in the home were sleeping. It was implied by reporters during the press conference questioning. Rewatch the press conference, several words that were said and not said speak volumes now imo.
  5. kai

    Found Deceased IN - Abby & Libby - The Delphi Murders - Richard Allen Arrested - #159

    Richard Allen's attorneys had me questioning the PCA after the hearing. After reading it now, the gun evidence (which I believe there will be more to come) definitely makes me have confidence that "he's the guy." His defense attorney is "good" but not as good as the evidence that I feel will be...
  6. kai

    ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Died in Apparent Homicide, Moscow, 13 Nov 2022

    The police chief never said the other people in the home were asleep.
  7. kai

    Found Deceased IN - Abby & Libby - The Delphi Murders - #155 *Richard Allen Arrested*

    Maybe his family turned him in? In an interview after the last PC, DC was asked about the reward money and he purposely (imo) didn't answer a yes or no on if anyone would be receiving it.
  8. kai

    Found Deceased IN - Abby & Libby - The Delphi Murders - #152 *ARREST - Richard Allen*

    If he drove it immediately after the girls were killed there could be evidence in it.
  9. kai

    Found Deceased IN - Abigail (Abby) Williams & Liberty (Libby) German - The Delphi Murders - #151 *ARREST*

    I had orange lights for my porch lights in honor of Abby & Libby many years ago. I am so thankful that this monster has been found and that "Today is the day!" can finally be said. Waiting with all of you to see what LE says at the PC.
  10. kai

    Found Deceased IN - Abigail (Abby) Williams, 13, & Liberty (Libby) German, 14, The Delphi Murders 13 Feb 2017 #148

    I wonder if people placed into witness protection might start the process of travel at an Air Force Base? Federal stuff, right?
  11. kai

    Found Deceased TN - Eliza "Liza" Fletcher Abducted While Jogging Near University of Memphis #3

    Police Helicopter pathway in yellow shows it is circling the same area repetitively.
  12. kai

    VA - Johnny Depp's defamation case against ex Amber Heard, who countersued #12

    Camera back showing the courtroom. Here we go again!

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