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  1. doortonowhere

    Caylee's Favorite things !!!!!!!

    This is all just SPECULATION of a poster here on the board that is getting way too out of hand. UNTIL It's proven we don't know if it was KC's and honestly I don't think it matters.
  2. doortonowhere

    Caylee's Favorite things !!!!!!!

    I can understand where you are going with your theory of the doll possibly originally belonging to KC, though I think to prevent too many more unproven speculation to run rampant it would be better if theories weren't posted as fact.
  3. doortonowhere

    Casey's Photobucket

    while i can see where you are trying to go with this I just HAVE to stop this spectulation now before it goes too far. That particular photo is by an artist by the name of Adrienne Pitts, so NO it's not Casey in the picture and it's not that A's backyard.
  4. doortonowhere

    Law School Hires Jose Baez To Teach Students

    umm how about what NOT to do?
  5. doortonowhere

    Casey Anthony and Tony L.

    I really think that everyone needs to lay off AL, Nothing he said or did pushed KC to do what she did to Caylee. She would have killed that angel regardless. Tony was just the guy she happened to be mooching off of at the moment. The poor guy has had enough crap to deal with in regards to all of...
  6. doortonowhere

    Psychic Ginnette Lucas claims she was on the phone with D. Casey while he searched

    Just curious If and WHEN they prove that this woman is lieing and intentionally trying to hinder this investigation for whatever reason.. Please tell me she can and will face charges.. All these people making this insane case worse by the day need to be stopped. I swear everyone needs to just...
  7. doortonowhere

    Casey Anthony and Tony L.

    Just to put that one back on you.. WHERE are your facts to prove that he is guilty of anything other than poor choice in girls?
  8. doortonowhere

    Casey Anthony and Tony L.

    Well said! I just don't get why people are trying to give TL such a huge role in the sad death of this baby. He didn't have anything to do with it. Directly or otherwise!!
  9. doortonowhere

    Casey Anthony and Tony L.

    Honestly NO,.,,, just curious as to what your reasoning is .. what would be his motivation to kill, or even dispose of a child that has literally NO bearing on his life what so ever?? What would he gain out of killing her? What evidence has there been to show you that he is involved?
  10. doortonowhere

    Casey Anthony and Tony L.

    THANK YOU I couldn't agree more :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  11. doortonowhere

    Casey Anthony and Tony L.

    he could very well be a witness for the prosecution more so than AH, since he could testify as to her demeanor during that time. AL spent more time with KC in the weeks following Caylee's disappearance than AH did. I seriously don't see AL being willing to dispose of Caylee cause he wanted...
  12. doortonowhere

    Casey Anthony and Tony L.

    I agree, and frankly can't believe how many people keep trying to implicate anyone and everyone in this case. I seriously don't see AL having anything to do with this. Yet because he isn't front and center int he media bearing his entire soul for everyone's sick voyeuristic needs then obviously...
  13. doortonowhere

    Does Casey Know Who Caylee's Father Is?

    Jesse said they met working at Universal. KC worked for Kodak, and I believe he was security.
  14. doortonowhere

    Who was paid for videos and photos

    Possibly but there is always other jobs. I just don't feel it's a legitimate excuse not to work.
  15. doortonowhere

    Who was paid for videos and photos

    I agree, when my father was murdered last year, I had to keep going. Would I have liked to been able to take time off to gieve? YES but life keeps going and the bulls keep coming. Tragedy does not keep anyone from being ABLE to work. That is a personal choice one makes
  16. doortonowhere

    The Rev. Richard G

    he has already said that he hasn't been paid short of travel arrangements to make the appearances. Do you have back up that shows that he is making money off his interviews?
  17. doortonowhere

    The Rev. Richard G

    Maybe not but employers have been known to google potential employees and check them out on myspace to decide if they are someone that they want representing their company. There is enough speculation on Jesse out there unfortunately. Which is rather disgusting and irritating since he has been...
  18. doortonowhere

    Is JB qualified to represent someone accused of murder?

    I do agree that JB isn't doing the best job, nor is he the most qualified at dealing with a case of this magnitude. Though I think any lawyer would be having a hard time with this case. Just look at what his client and her family have given him to work with. If they would have kept their traps...
  19. doortonowhere

    Crime-scene investigation vans arrive at taped-off Anthony house

    Snort... Sorry but that was a good one Chilly!! :clap::biglaugh: I can understand she would not be too thrilled, but honestly I could care less.. this is and always be about Caylee. If that means that their grieving time is interrupted then By all means. at least they have the option to grieve...
  20. doortonowhere

    Baez is saying that "CASEY is really struggling"

    unfortunately I just don't see KC really caring enough about Caylee for it to haunt her. Caylee was just something that was in the way of her doing as she she had to get rid of her. She would actually have to be remotely human to be haunted by what she did to that little angel...

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