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  1. Jakpot

    Dr. Phil w/George and Cindy Anthony Air Date 9/13 and 9/14 2011 Thead # 2

    Regardless of what happened, how on earth can a Dad go on TV and say that their child is a murderer? What kind of person puts $$$ before loyalty and love for their own family member. Caylee is gone and God Rest her Soul. Life goes on for the Anthony family and they all need some type of...
  2. Jakpot

    Casey To Serve One Year Probation

    Which is the one song that comes to your mind when you think of Casey?
  3. Jakpot

    Casey To Serve One Year Probation

    As with OJ eventually she will be got
  4. Jakpot

    Coincidence or Not? Please List!

    It's all so confusing
  5. Jakpot

    2011.07.22 George & Cindy Board Private Jet for Nassau Vacation

    Wish I could go on vacation. Maybe to the north pole to get away from this heat.
  6. Jakpot

    Cheney Mason said he was surprised by verdict

    Cheney was just shooting everyone the bird.
  7. Jakpot

    So over all-things-Casey --- Anyone else?

    What murder will the media/press and Nancy Grace select now for saturation coverage? OJ---->Scott Peterson----->Caylee Anthony------> ??? They need to take a break/pause for reflection on the impact they have on some segments of the public.
  8. Jakpot

    The Oath of Admission to the Florida Bar -- Did JB or CM violate it?

    Does the Oath apply to prosecuters also?
  9. Jakpot

    Where did the prosecution go wrong?

    Prosecuters displayed to much cockiness - irritating and disliked by jurors as well as viewers. Has the lady prosecutor made any public statements?
  10. Jakpot

    Casey's Defense cost taxpayers over $100,000

    And the taxpayers will eventually pay all of it including the whopper amount spent by the State and Federal agencies
  11. Jakpot

    How the defense team used social media to their advantage

    Time to move on. Working on getting a new president might be worthwhile expenditure of rhetoric/typing skills
  12. Jakpot

    All sorts of people suing casey

    LP is a jerk
  13. Jakpot

    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition

    Don't forget Nancy Grace!!
  14. Jakpot

    2011.07.11 Greta Van Sustern interview with Jury Foreperson

    Betcha the Orlando State Attorney has the tape of the interview. "it ain't over till it's over" - Yogi Berra

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