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  1. rachaellouise

    Found Safe SC - Ashley Rabon, 26, Lexington, 30 Mar 2018

    I'm concerned that she is active g erreactically and may be in the state of mind to do something to herself. JMO Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Tapatalk
  2. rachaellouise

    GUILTY CO - Natalie Bollinger, 19, Broomfield, 28 Dec 2017 #2 *Arrest*

    A family like Natalies (feuding, estranged, not communicating and at war with eachother etc) was probably the best thing to ever happen to the killer. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Tapatalk
  3. rachaellouise

    Canadian hostage, wife & children freed from Afghanistan, husband arrested for abuse, Oct 2017 #2

    The irony of JB the devout Muslim hanging out in a bar.. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Tapatalk
  4. rachaellouise

    GUILTY UK - Iuliana Tudos, 22, found dead in Finsbury Park, London, 24 Dec 2017

    Absokutely floored by this, as I was in World's End in Camden celebrating on Christmas Eve. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X103F using Tapatalk
  5. rachaellouise

    Tiger Woods arrested for D.U.I in Florida, 2017

    Also my favourite part was when asked if he knew what the alphabet part of the test is, he replied 'yep you say the national anthem backwards' LOL Sent from my LIFETAB_S1034X using Tapatalk
  6. rachaellouise

    Tiger Woods arrested for D.U.I in Florida, 2017

    I mean.. at least he didn't have an angry wife weilding a golf club chasing him this time around.. Sent from my LIFETAB_S1034X using Tapatalk
  7. rachaellouise

    NY - Mari Gilbert, mother of Shannan Gilbert, murdered by daughter Sarra, 23 July 2016

    Can anyone elaborate on Maris alleged involvement in witchcraft? Also, have any documents from the trial been posted that are worth reading? Sent from my LIFETAB_S1034X using Tapatalk
  8. rachaellouise

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Jury Trial - discussion *GUILTY*

    I can't help but wonder how DT is holding up in prison. I imagine going from a social pot smoking college student with access to every type of entertainment possible to in isolation in a cell would make him stir crZy. Sent from my LIFETAB_S1034X using Tapatalk
  9. rachaellouise

    UK UK - Andrew Gosden, 14, Doncaster, South Yorks, 14 Sept 2007

    I was rereading Andrews threads on Reddit the other day and was wondering if anyone else saw the comment a supposed classmate of Andrews left describing his personality at school and with peers etc? Obviously I'm paraphrasing but it isn't too hard to find, but I thought it was an interesting...
  10. rachaellouise

    The Rumor Mill -- unsubstantiated, yet possible relevant information

    Will there be a separate thread for this crazy incident? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. rachaellouise

    GUILTY MI - Chelsea Bruck, 22, Frenchtown Twp, 26 Oct 2014 #5

    I know it's tempting to wonder if a suspect is connected to other cases in the area, but I think people are jumping the gun and wanting to link this guy with every disappearance and murder in recent times..hasn't even been 24 hours and I've seen people comment that he MUST be responsible for 4...
  12. rachaellouise

    Mexico Mexico - Jenny Chen, 26, Oaxaca, 11 April 2016 #1

    I really can't see a truck driver either kidnapping her or the worst case scenario of murder in his company's work truck that has recognisable photographs and ads on it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. rachaellouise

    Deceased/Not Found CA - Sierra LaMar, 15, Morgan Hill, 16 March 2012 #21 *A. Garcia-Torres guilty*

    I wonder if during this investigation LE considered trying to change tactics by putting the pressure on AGs wife and mother to get information or a confession? He's a monster, no doubt about it, but he also has a close relationship with both and no doubt has (his own twisted version of) love for...
  14. rachaellouise

    Mexico Mexico - Jenny Chen, 26, Oaxaca, 11 April 2016 #1

    This is all a little too suspicious for me. It's very convenient that in the lead up to her disappearance, she claims to have nearly been kidnapped and raped and yet still fearlessly travels alone. She didn't get in touch with her husband when this traumatic event happens, because she didn't...
  15. rachaellouise

    Still Missing CA - Claudia Sanchez Reyes, 22, Santa Ana, 7 May 2016 *husband arrested 2021*

    You know you look bad when even your own lawyer admits your actions look suspicious! So sad. I hope she maybe saw a chance to get away from him and took it but in this case I really doubt it. :( Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. rachaellouise

    GUILTY UK - Helen Bailey, 51, Royston, 11 April 2016 #1

    Is it bad that I always get really upset in cases where the dog goes missing? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. rachaellouise

    WA WA - Sky Metalwala, 2, Bellevue, 6 Nov 2011 - #19

    Here's the thing I don't think fits in. Say Julia murdered sky. It would've had to have been away from his sister (otherwise runs the risk of the child speaking). Did she leave her in the car? My biggest issue is that Julia has OCD. An obsession with cleanliness to the point of madness. I...
  18. rachaellouise

    IL - Lt. Charles 'Joe' Gliniewicz, 52, found dead, Fox Lake, 1 Sep 2015 - #6

    Websleuths post if the day/week/month surely?! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. rachaellouise

    Found Deceased NC - Alexandra King, 22, & Tatianna Diz, 20, Asheville, 27 Oct 2015 *Arrest*

    FYI guys - The admin if the Facebook site has accused me of being related to the "big lawyer" who arranged to have the girls executed. She really is not well and her other daughter has made that very clear, However, the daughter is an Absolute sweetheart and I've been offering help any way I...
  20. rachaellouise

    NH NH - Maura Murray, 21, Haverhill, 9 Feb 2004 - #12

    Can someone please explain the Theory that Maura lives in Canada and that Fred helped her? I saw it on a Reddit thread (Reddit weirdly has some really good true crime and missing people subreddits, whod've thunk it?!) and can't remember the ins and outs of it. Could some lovely lady or gentleman...

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