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  1. scandi

    SIDEBAR #25- Arias/Alexander forum

    I don't get it either Chartermouse, although I haven't kept on with the case like I should have. I thought she was found guilty and they put off determining her sentence until a later date, right? Why would that necessitate a new trial? Thanks for any input.
  2. scandi

    FOUND DECEASED - WA - Lindsey Baum, 10, McCleary, 26 June 2009

    Oh Jules, You touched my heart with your post and there are tears running down my cheeks. I believe she will be found and every thought for this counts. I didn't know about the tree but how special it is, keeping her spirit alive. PS: I remember there was an older man who lived in town...
  3. scandi

    LeAnna (Mom) #1

    Hi Ticya, I agree with you. I heard it said on HLN that she is not a very emotional person. I watched her during the hearing and think she is naturally a very controlled person. Chewing her gum she would be chewing slowly and then stop, holding the gum in her mouth and then slowly start...
  4. scandi

    GA - Suspicion over heat death of Cooper, 22 mo., Cobb County, June 2014, #8

    Hi Ocean Blue Eyes, The only way I could see him pre-planning this crime and then showing such sorrow when he pulled Cooper from the car is if he is mental. And that doesn't follow suit with him being employed by Home Depot, Just another angle why I have a problem with it being...
  5. scandi

    GA - Suspicion over heat death of Cooper, 22 mo., Cobb County, June 2014, #8

    I watched HLN today and heard it was after Cooper was taken out of the car he was dragged along the pavement/asphalt which made the injuries to the back of his head. I can't verify this is what really happened as I just heard it. They also said the face scratches were caused by Conner...
  6. scandi

    GA - Suspicion over heat death of Cooper, 22 mo., Cobb County, June 2014, #8

    Have we heard anything yet about the possibility of her being arrested as an accomplice to the crime? I haven't read all the posts here yet. Thanks
  7. scandi

    Kyron Horman's general discussion thread for 2014

    :twocents: Gee, maybe one of us needs to call KOIN News {channel 6 TV}! I'll be glad to do this tomoz. They have always taken time with me when I have called about Kyron's case. I just need to review what we know about this before I call. I'll write what I learn. xo
  8. scandi

    UK LE request permission to interview 3 suspected burglars!?!

    How could NG get something so wrong though as to blast it on her show with great emotion that the British are sending officers to arrest 3 men in Portugal as she speaks! I immediately started crying. I got the feeling they felt Madeleine was taken to sell to someone as NG started talking...
  9. scandi

    Is Nancy Grace getting KO'ed by CNN?

    I think that is just fine Mrs G Norris. I agreed with every word of it and liked the way you wrote it ;}
  10. scandi

    Kyron's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    Thanks La Louve, I can't believe I missed that newscast, but my D in L called and needed to talk and I didn't have the heart to say I've got to watch the news! lol I agree there must be much more in that depo of the landscaper. Or it might be simply HOW the TV station is reporting the news...
  11. scandi

    Kyron's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    It's 6:45 now, so that would be 4 hours and 15 min. I think. It must be something that is telling about the relationship between TH and Kaine that would spurn the actions of her attempting to have him killed. Maybe something they experienced together that never come out before the court...
  12. scandi

    Kyron's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    Good to see you too Kimster. I did post above that I called the station. Actually I said to the guy {in a nice way} Do you expect me to wait for 4 more hours on new info in the Kyron Horman case? lol That is when he said "Well, it involves relationships." I said "in what way", and then he...
  13. scandi

    Kyron's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    I just heard the 6pm newscast from Channel 2 in Portland. I am simply beside myself now as it was just a tease, saying they will have the new info on their 11pm news tonight regarding the Kyron Horman case !!!!! What they did say is that this news is linked to the plot TH had on having Kaine...
  14. scandi

    Did a Serial Killer/Pedophile Hit 32 Years Later?

    Interesting Iamnotagolem, I often wondered about the father of Kyron's best friend. That boy lived with his grandma in the house next to Kyron's and the dad lived in a house on Sauvie Island. I think he moved down to Cali after Kyron went missing. TH was supposedly seen on SI the morning...
  15. scandi

    Madeleine McCann found?

    Hi, I think all those little countries, Wales, England, Ireland, etc, make up the UK which is a part of Europe but not on the European peninsula. ;}
  16. scandi

    CAN we discuss crimewatch discrepancies please

    Hi Zweibel, I wrote to say doesn't the e-fit photo of the man on the left look like Gerry McCann? Then I read again about the Irishman who saw the man walking with a child. We had a poster who worked at a bar in that area where the Irishman saw this man. She wrote a post saying a man...
  17. scandi

    Madeleine McCann: British man arrested in the hunt for missing girl Check out all th

    Hi, I just heard an announcement on CNN that LE has learned what really happened when she went missing is not what they thought at the time. Also, now they are about ready to arrest someone. Sorry, that's the gist of what I heard listening to the TV while in the bathroom. lol Another...
  18. scandi

    Kyron's case on Dr. Phil 9/17 *includes tape of the show*

    Hi Knox, I remember Terri sent an email to I believe KOIN TV in Portland and I did watch that news show. In it she recounted where she had driven around on the day he went missing among other things. I'd have to refresh my memory. I guess what I'm saying is I haven't heard this email...
  19. scandi

    Kyron's case on Dr. Phil 9/17 *includes tape of the show*

    My BOLD I think this is the best possibility about Kaine I have read. {Bolded} In answer to Kimberlyd, reading the posts here gave me cause to wonder if there had been a change in looking at Kaine for involvement. He was always respected as a victim IMO. I had wondered about him all...
  20. scandi

    Kyron's case on Dr. Phil 9/17 *includes tape of the show*

    I have always wondered about Kaine too, but we couldn't discuss him and that possibility here for so long as he was a victim. The reason I had questions about him was from allot of the reading I did where he was mentioned in a less favorable light. I have no proof or links so can't say what I...

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