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  1. JeannieC

    NC - Ski-mask Rapist caught with DNA evidence 30 years later

    I wonder if this is the same Jerry Lee Brooks. If it is, he might have spent time in prison and that might be the reason he stopped the rapes in Charlotte.,715276&dq=jerry+lee+brooks&hl=en
  2. JeannieC

    NC - Ski-mask Rapist caught with DNA evidence 30 years later

    Does anyone believe he quit raping for 30 years? I think they need to start checking when he moved to SC and what he has been doing while living there.
  3. JeannieC

    NC - Ski-mask Rapist caught with DNA evidence 30 years later

    Jerry Lee Brooks, 62, was arrested in Surfside Beach, S.C. on Tuesday, police said.
  4. JeannieC

    NC - Ski-mask Rapist caught with DNA evidence 30 years later
  5. JeannieC

    US - FBI Nationwide child prostitution sweep leads to104 arrests, 79 children rescued

    It is heartbreaking to know that adults will do this to a child. I hope and pray these children get the love, help, and security they deserve. My love and prayers are with them all. I hope they can be returned to their families and they will have the healing they need and deserve. I...
  6. JeannieC

    CANADA CANADA - Shawn Cameron Lamb, Suspected SK Caught in Winnipeg MB

    I wonder if he is connected to the Highway of Tears?
  7. JeannieC

    Fred Coffey, Jr, Child Murderer Eligible For Parole

  8. JeannieC

    Fred Coffey, Jr, Child Murderer Eligible For Parole

    This is an old article. Amanda was brutally murdered by Fred Coffey, Jr. She was only 10 years old. Fred Coffey is again eligible for parole. July Please read Amanda's story and the story of her mother's pain and endurance after loosing her second little girl. Amanda's sister Kirsten...
  9. JeannieC

    Sheila and Katherine Lyon-sisters missing since 1975 - #1

    brit1981 and NocturnalLady, Your theories are good. Fred Coffey was a suspect in their disappearances. If you read about the murder of Amanda Ray and the disappearance of Neely Smith you will see that his MO fits your theories. He didn't bury his victims. He left their bodies in the...
  10. JeannieC

    NC NC - Neely Smith, 5, Charlotte, 18 Feb 1981

    Just a reminder to everyone to please write the parole board on Neely's behalf! Chairman Charles L. Mann Sr. NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission P.O. Box 29540 Raleigh, NC 27626-0540 RE: Fred Howard Coffey, DOC# 0081135 or send an email to
  11. JeannieC

    Blown Margins

    Brittanee Drexel
  12. JeannieC

    Deceased/Not Found AZ - Jhessye Shockley, 5, Glendale, 11 Oct 2011 - #5 *J. Hunter guilty*

    Faith is the assurance that what we hope for will come about and the certainty that what we cannot see exists. Now is the time for us to have Faith that Jhessye will be found. If we have faith even as small as a mustard seed, we can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it...
  13. JeannieC

    TX - Longview, WhtFem (UP 9863), 41-50, Suicide - Assumed Identity, Dec'10

    I contacted Namus and asked them why her case was restricted and I received this reply: Unless I'm mistaken, Mary went missing from Fort Hood Military Base and her case was under the Federal Police. I believe, (based on having received a reply from a Seaside cold case investigator rather than...
  14. JeannieC

    IN IN - St Joseph Co., 'Madison' WhtFem 177UFIN, 20-35, in remote area, Dec'96

    ANOTHER RULE OUT. I submitted Nancy Wroblewski NamUs MP # 2918 Besides similar looks, if you map it, the UID was located at 21300 Madison Rd, South Bend Ind and Nancy Wroblewski went missing from Kessler Blvd, South Bend Ind. That is about 10 miles apart...
  15. JeannieC

    TX - Longview, WhtFem (UP 9863), 41-50, Suicide - Assumed Identity, Dec'10

    I submitted Mary Louise Day over a month ago. This was my reply from: MClark@ci.seaside Hope this helps. To be honest the reply totally confused me. It was from MClark from Seaside, Ca where Mary Day's case is being investigated but if you read the answer it suddenly appears to be from...
  16. JeannieC

    CA CA - Diane Dye, 13, San Jose, 30 July 1979

    Hi Ted. So glad you have been able to reunite with Dianne's brother and get people looking at her disappearance again! My prayers are with you! I hope she is found alive and well and yes, I do think it is possible!
  17. JeannieC

    Possible Connections

    Was the man with the tape recorder gray headed? I've never read anything about his description. As you know, Coffey is gray headed.
  18. JeannieC

    Boy From the Woods
  19. JeannieC

    Match! VA - Haymarket, WhtFem 468UFVA, 13-21, Feb'82 *Cynthia Gastelle*

    Great Job! Congratulations to all of you! Another article Cynthia Joan Gastelle, 18, was reported her missing on April 3, 1980. (Photo: Prince William County Police Dept.)
  20. JeannieC

    GUILTY PA - Ryan Baurley, 5 mos, suffocated, Swedesburg, 26 Aug 1992

    This is very sad. The family had to endure the pain of loosing and burying their infant son so long ago and now they are having to go through it all over again. Even worse, now they are living with the pain of knowing their baby boy was murdered. My prayers are with this family. Rest in...

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