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  1. debloree

    GUILTY OH - Officers Anthony Morelli & Eric Joering, fatally shot, Westerville, 10 Feb 2018 His picture is in here. I believe he is at OSU Hospital still. Also they said on the local news he had previous arrests in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
  2. debloree

    OH - Shawn Michael GRATE: 3 bodies found, Ashland/Madison, Sept 2016 The Ashland County Grand Jury ha issued a 23-felony-count indictment against Shawn Grate. The indictment includes two charges of aggravated murder which is punishable either by life in...
  3. debloree

    2016.01.07 Docs - Batch 3 Photos *WARNING - GRAPHIC*

    Those poor girls living in that .....
  4. debloree

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum
  5. debloree

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum

    HLN is finally talking about it.
  6. debloree

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum

    I had my cervical ablation a month ago. They used sedation. I didn't feel a thing. Not sure if it has helped yet because I burnt the spot by using a heat wrap 1 week later. The area was numb so I didn't realize I burnt it. I see the DR for follow up tomorrow afternoon, and I'll let you know...
  7. debloree

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Ty Bernina for all your work.
  8. debloree

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum

    It's just so hard seeing law abiding people fight for their lives, like my Hubby. And others fight for their lives because they planned and executed a murder. She is a menace to everyone!
  9. debloree

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum

    I cannot believe how angry I am! Why should she live? I don't want to ever hear of her taunting the Alexanders again! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. debloree

    SIDEBAR #45 - Arias/Alexander forum

    After spending the day with DH and him getting chemo, I come home to this garbage! What the heck? :gaah:
  11. debloree

    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 31

    Dang !!! Wish I could see all this in person!!
  12. debloree

    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - 1/22 thru 1/26 Break

    Thanks to everyone for the updates! Following along usually late at night when DH is sleeping. That letter........pure EVIL!
  13. debloree

    SIDEBAR #38 - Arias/Alexander forum

    Happy Birthday ATL, sorry it's belated. I am still praying and thinking of your GN. The boy I knew who had it has NO lingering health problems. He is now 29.
  14. debloree

    Found Deceased NC - Tristan Blue, 2, Raleigh, 22 Dec 2014 *Arrests*

    I was so hoping that there was good news about Tristan. RIP little angel.
  15. debloree

    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 15

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