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    Australia Australia - William Tyrrell, 3, Kendall, Nsw, 12 Sept 2014 - #61

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in years but I am always lurking. I am watching the FP interview with Michael Usher and I just wanted to say that when FM is talking about WT and his 'little Tara' doll around the beginning of the interview (around the 4.20 mark) she starts crying but it seems so fake...
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    Lies point us to the truth

    I 100% agree also. As a mother to 4 children, waking up a sibling (or siblings) would be the first thing I/parents would do out of sheer panic. You'd press the siblings for any little bit of info possible. When a child is missing, not necessarily 'kidnapped', your main priority is to find them...
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    In Memory of JonBenet Ramsey

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but I just found this on youtube. Peter Hyatt discusses the death of JonBenet.
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    What does Linda Arndt know?

    They are so lucky that the BPD were so incompetent. BUT they were told that the Ramseys were influential people and to treat them accordingly (I'm paraphrasing). It's so sad that almost everyone involved in this case has let JB down. From the BPD to the coroner. Oy...
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    Questions you'd like answers to...

    The energy in the house that morning must have been incredibly heavy. Did anyone else (ie another officer) get the same impression?
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    Australia Australia - William Tyrrell, 3, Kendall, NSW, 12 Sept 2014 - #31

    Totally agree. William is so much like his father. KT is a mess which is understandable. I hope she is getting help for her anxiety and whatever other issues she has.
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    The "set up' questions

    I don't understand what you are saying. I'm just basing my opinions on what I've read about said blanket.
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    The "set up' questions

    Isn't it common knowledge that she was wrapped in her favourite blanket? Do you have a link to the picture?
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    The "set up' questions

    Totally agree... And to keep JB 'warm' in her favourite blanket.
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    The "set up' questions

    Or even stranger, why would an intruder know there was a blanket in the dryer?
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    JonBenet's Murder Solved, KILLER FOUND

    The bumps look like tiny warts to me.
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    The "set up' questions

    No drugs were found in her system.
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    The “Undoing” of the Ramseys.

    This. Why would JonBenet be in the basement to begin with. Didn't she hate it down there? IMO they put her in the basement after being knocked unconcious, but before the strangulation (her bladder emptied in the basement), in order to distance her and themselves from the initial crime scene.
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    JonBenet's Murder Solved, KILLER FOUND

    SMH another 'confession'. Wish they'd let JB R.I.P.
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    By Accident Or On Purpose Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

    This. Patsy was so hung up on 'image' that she didn't want to be seen as a mother of a son who killed his sister by accident. Normal people would have called an ambulance. IF Burke actually did do this by accident, ofcourse. I guess we'll never know.
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    In Memory of JonBenet Ramsey

    Happy birthday JonBenet! It's also my daughters 11th birthday.
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    JonBenet's Skull Fractures: The Weapon

    I read this medium session online where some lady connected with JB and Patsy and she was told that Patsy hit her with an old-style wrought iron lamp. (Don't personally believe it myself) I think it was the flashlight but just wanted to throw that in there.
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    The carpet outside of the wine cellar with urine stains

    Yes as I recall JonBenet was scared of the basement.

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