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    Lifetime movie- Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret

    tania raymonde cast as ja, ha ha ha ha! had ja been half as attractive as tr, ta would have most likely renounced his religion, dumped his friends, and insisted that slashing tires, stalking and invasion of privacy just made her all the more cuter, made him love her even more! seriously tho, tr...
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    SIDEBAR #13- Arias/Alexander forum

    per a report on ramirez: Since the death penalty was reinstated in California in 1978, some 94 death row inmates have died while in custody, 59 by natural causes. Another 22 committed suicide. Only 13 were executed.
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    Poll for the Armchair Psychologists

    sometimes a cigar is just a cigar... the ja case reminds me a lot of the betty broderick case, two rejected women that chose murder to even the score.
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    SIDEBAR #11- Arias/Alexander forum

    great article by dr. palmatier, spot-on on so many counts, but i think she missed the boat thinking ja's allocution underscored her narcissism - ja's defense was that she was an abused woman, in constant fear of ta's next physical or verbal outburst, who finally was forced to defend herself in a...
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    SIDEBAR #8- Arias/Alexander forum

    there's verbal abuse and there's name calling, i think the difference is obvious, travis was guilty of the latter, the foreman and three other jurors apparently found him guilty of the prior, which i find mind boggling. also, fwiw, i don't "respect" the opinion of those jurors who believed arias...
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    SIDEBAR #6- Arias/Alexander forum

    a few thoughts: > i've never met ja, nonetheless i can't stand her, despise her actually, had no idea i was being so illogical? perhaps this explains the foreman's comments and his position, once you meet the girl, have a chance to get to know her in person, you find she's really not that bad...
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    SIDEBAR #6- Arias/Alexander forum

    well that was the post travis jodi, she can't be held responsible for much of what she's done after meeting travis dontcha know - the pre travis jodi was a typical young lady, leading her life as any young woman would, just a beautiful, innocent thing trying to make her way in this world. her...
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    SIDEBAR #6- Arias/Alexander forum

    i agree - moreover i think the foreman was just one of those type of seniors who values respect, especially from younger generations, the type of older person who is always complaining about the lack of respect shown by today's youth. and ja played him (and others of his ilk) like a fiddle with...
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    SIDEBAR #6- Arias/Alexander forum

    i'm stunned that the jury was befuddled by the court's instruction and what the ramification of their votes would mean, how is this possible? although pure speculation, i'm guessing the foreman got it wrong and the rest assumed he knew what he was doing. with that said, it seems highly doubtful...
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    Verdict is in! GUILTY of MURDER ONE - Hung Jury On Penalty Phase

    hard to say, but what it does have is an active participation in alec/pie, virtual slave labor - i'm guessing she has more of a shot at this than the post of executive director of prison operations she seems to fancy. of course the dp, which isn't yet off the table, could throw a wrench into...
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    Verdict is in! GUILTY of MURDER ONE - Hung Jury On Penalty Phase

    paraphrasing nancy grace's recent comment: "the only one that won today was jodi arias, she sat there and breathed a huge sigh of relief" such utter nonsense on so many levels. in fact, from where i sat, ja appeared to be genuinely upset, stunned even, after hearing the verdict, once it...
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    Penalty Phase - Verdict Watch #4

    i just don't get the shock, disbelief, devastation, condemnation, etc., etc., etc. - first, the monster was convicted of first-degree premeditated murder, it was unanimous, nothing is going to change that, and i don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell that it won't hold up during the...
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    Penalty Phase - Verdict Watch

    yeah, but how about those male (and female) morons who sat in judgement of anthony, they seemed to have no problem sympathizing with ca even tho there was zero corroborating evidence of ga's deviancy, other than what came from ca. alas, thankfully this jury seems to be a heckuva lot sharper than...
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    Penalty Phase - Verdict Watch

    got a kick out of troy's interview with ja - call me crazy, but it appeared that she got dolled up especially for him, and threw in a dash of body language for good measure, as if she was expecting a warm, even flirtatious reunion with the guy, too much. instead, and much to his credit, troy got...
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    Penalty Phase #13

    yep, yreka's own little zelig...
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    Penalty Phase #13

    noticed this as well but didn't think of it as ja taking a jab at the alexander family, instead i thought it was yet another example of just how obtuse and unresourceful she actually is, how unintelligent she really is, she simply copied what she knew, what struck her as impressive, what she...

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