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    FL FL - Michelle Parker, 33, Orlando, 17 Nov 2011 - # 2

    I agree that MP has experts trying desperately to find her & really don't need suggestions. I just think that ignoring the posters of suggestions would be more polite and a more efficient use of time (or just disable the wall for goodness sake). The snarky & rude replies just really don't give a...
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    FL FL - Michelle Parker, 33, Orlando, 17 Nov 2011 - # 2

    OPD has asked the family not to post details of the searches or leads. OPD would never say that they do not welcome public input. What I have seen on the FB page is no different than what we are doing here but the friends (I won't say the family-their commentary has been gracious) have been...
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    FL FL - Michelle Parker, 33, Orlando, 17 Nov 2011 - # 2

    I think you misunderstood what I was saying. Absolutely I agree that search locations & detailed tips should not be posted on the FB page. What I am talking about is people just trying to think "outloud" in a sense in order to just give them suggestions on avenues they may have not otherwise...
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    FL FL - Michelle Parker, 33, Orlando, 17 Nov 2011 - # 2

    This case is just heart breaking. One thing I have noticed by visiting the FB page set up by friends/family...IMO, they are extremely rude to people posting on the page. Granted there are a few nuts that post stuff just to be mean but the majority of the rude comments are directed at people who...
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    MO - Lisa Irwin, 10 months, Kansas City, 4 Oct 2011 - #10

    I read in a Fox News article that they are setting up a "trust fund". Oy vey. De ja vu.
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    MO - Lisa Irwin, 10 months, Kansas City, 4 Oct 2011 - #9

    Not sure if this has been posted or asked before: Has the 911 call recording been released to the public/media? Where I am that is released within a day or 2 of a high profile case.
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    2011.07.16-17 HLN & FOX (Weekend) News Coverage - Caylee Anthony,0,6708904.story
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    2011.07.16-17 HLN & FOX (Weekend) News Coverage - Caylee Anthony

    "Jose Angel Baez was born in Puerto Rico in 1969. According to reports, Baez grew up in the Bronx and South Florida by his single mother. He dropped out of Homestead High School in ninth grade. At the age of 17, he got married, became a father, earned a GED diploma and joined the Navy in...
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    2011.07.07 Sentencing Hearing Thread

    He allowed Geraldo to do his "World Exclusive" interview with JB on HIS show. Makes no difference if he railed against the verdict. He gave air time to the devil.
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    2011.07.07 Sentencing Hearing Thread

    Except that he let Geraldo air his "World Exclusive" interview with JB on HIS show. Done with him because of it.
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    2011.07.07 Sentencing Hearing Thread

    I started doing this last night. I will NOT watch any networks that do interviews with any of them. So far, I have ABC, Bill O'Reilly & Fox News Channel on my list in addition to their sponsors and charities, one of which unfortunately is the Wounded Warriors Project, one of the charities near &...
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    Defense Team's Horrible Display Celebrating

    Now that my sadness has turned to anger, I found myself staring at the TV in horror and disgust today while Bill O'Reilly showed Geraldo's interview with Cheney "Keepin it classy" Mason and Jose Baez. Geraldo proclaimed it the "World Exclusive" interview. I immediately changed the channel as...
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    2011.07.05 Sidebar Thread

    Oh, that had me crying! :floorlaugh: Reminded me of when my son had been rooting under cabinet & came out to show me the "stickers" he had stuck all over his body. I wish I would have taken a picture of that. A 3 year old smiling from ear to ear with maxi pads stuck all over him. :floorlaugh:
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    2011.07.05 Sidebar Thread

    I saw somewhere that she bought tampons from the jail store just 2 weeks ago so I'm not buying it.
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    2011.07.05 Sidebar Thread

    My GYN told me they will see teens to dispense BC, etc but will NOT do pelvics unless there is a SERIOUS medical problem. When I was a teen, I went to a BC clinic until I had some issues then I took myself to the GYN, parents never even knew I was going until my senior year.
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    2011.07.04 Sidebar Thread

    Found this. Get the verdict on your text-enabled mobile device text ANTHONY to FOX4U (36948)
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    2011.07.04 Sidebar Thread

    I think some of the stations have text alerts you can sign up for. If I find the info, I'll PM you.
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    2011.07.04 Sidebar Thread

    Been wondering myself. Maybe holiday plans? Decided to be sequestered for deliberations? Dismissed? Replaced with an alternate? I miss that Kat! :fence::waitasec:
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    2011.07.04 State Closing Argument Rebuttal Thread

    I'm willing to bet CM & DCS know what the outcome is going to be. They look & sound very sullen. :rocker:

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