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    The little beauty found in the Roma camp is not Baby Lisa

    She does look like her, but I don't think it's her either, she just looks older. This case is so unlike any other case I have ever seen on this site. Almost in all other cases, when a possible sighting, no matter how remote the possibility is found, a vast majority of posters hope and pray...
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    Bones found in Kansas City, MO, Sept. 6, 2013

    IMO, If it was her I'd think that would of came out by now. At the very least if it was a child/baby bones.
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    Brad Cooper: Appeal info

    I agree.
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    Miley Cyrus - what the heck happened?

    So is this what it's really about? Not that she tried to do a striptease/lapdance/vulgar display, just that she's not good enough therefore nobody wants to see it. Is this why nobody bags on Lady Gaga then for what she does? BTW, I agree that if you have talent, there is no need to go out...
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    Miley Cyrus - what the heck happened?

    100% agree. You think Chris Brown cares if he's a role model or not? Celebrities are not role models, their celebrities.
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    Miley Cyrus - what the heck happened?

    If you think the VMA's are appropriate for children, let's say 12 for example, then I don't know what to say. Look up on wikipedia the laundry list of things that have happened at the VMA's, this isn't the Oscars over here. As a matter of fact, you can make the argument that MTV as a whole...
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    Miley Cyrus - what the heck happened?

    I still can't figure out the source of the outrage. I've seen many reasons: Because she's not talented enough (yet people still buy her music) Because she's only 20 (Since when is the entertainment industry censored post-18?) Because she used to be a Disney kid (since when are disney...
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    Miley Cyrus - what the heck happened?

    Not to this extent. You think a male performer who does something like that (think Usher for example) and there are stories on what kind of bad example he is setting for young boys? I don't think so.
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    Miley Cyrus - what the heck happened?

    The point is there if he were less dressed (and there have been plenty of male performers that have and done gyrations) and doing some of that kind of stuff, this thread nor the stories about it would be happening. This isn't anything new. People seem to forget Madonna and her 'erotica'...
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    Judge orders parents to change son's name because only Jesus earned name Messiah

    There is a guy (game developer) who's name is American. I believe there is an actress with the name America. People name their kids all sorts of stuff and yes some of them are pretty ridiculous (Paltrow naming her kid Apple) but you should have the freedom to do so. It's not like it's that...
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    Judge orders parents to change son's name because only Jesus earned name Messiah

    This case is going to get overturned on appeal. The judge should be reprimanded since it doesn't sound like her ruling is based on law. Are there actual laws forbidding certain names? Can one name their kid Satan if they choose?
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    Canada - Connor, 6, & Noah Barthe, 4, killed by python, Campbellton, NB, 5 Aug 2013

    So how did the other kid not make any noise while one was getting strangled? Is it actually possible for the snake to wrap both of them at the same time? Wouldn't they basically have to be sleeping on top of each other for that to happen?
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    TX - Beloved college prof revealed as killer of family in 1967

    Redemption is based on the individual doing the redeeming and it's not going to be the same for everyone. How much you think a person can overcome an act such as taking another life involves a number of variables. How the life was taken, circumstances that surrounded the event, spiritual and...
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    Amanda Berry, Gina deJesus & Michelle Knight - General discussion #4

    He got what he deserved. Although he will be living in better conditions than he subjected his victims to.
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    Unarmed Man Shot by Deputies Inside His Own Car Outside His Own Home

    All I know is there seems to be huge chunks of the story that's missing and people's reactions are based on the headline and not the details (because there isn't a whole lot of that). I certainly think it's possible that LE had itchy trigger fingers, I'm not jumping into the 'because he's...
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    Bankrupt Casey Anthony interviewed by KPHO CBS in Phoenix #2

    BBM Just because it happened in one case doesn't mean it was right to happen there either. Besides, if any of those things you listed happened every single time a baby/child was mistreated by their parent, it would be happening every day because I'm sure there is an injustice to a child...
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    Unarmed Man Shot by Deputies Inside His Own Car Outside His Own Home

    It seems now that with the way these articles sensationalize these stories, the narrative is unarmed = can't possibly be doing anything wrong. If a cop tells you to freeze and put your hands up and you ignore that and keep walking toward the cop, guess what's going to happen? I guarantee you...
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    Woman killed in ride at Six Flags TX

    Well, in this case, assume for a second that the restraint did in fact lock into place as far as the attendant was concerned. Is the park still culpable? Or did the woman who died ride at her own risk? For the record, I agree with you, people should ride at their own risk.
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    Woman killed in ride at Six Flags TX

    No I agree. It just seems there are some that think the judgement should be made by the attendant before they even get in the coaster. I have seen people have to get off because the restraint didn't come down/lock properly.
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    Woman killed in ride at Six Flags TX

    Well that hasn't been my experience. I've been to amusement parks all my life and have travelled/stood in line with overweight people that I knew as well as overweight people standing in line that really shouldn't of been riding. In every single instance, the determining factor was if the...

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