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    GUILTY KY - Trey Zwicker, 14, beaten to death, Louisville, 11 May 2011 #2

    Nancy Grace is one thing, but Mystery Detectives?? We know Vinny Politan is there. I just don't understand following the trial and then not discussing the verdict. So bizarre. I'm not surprised by the verdict, at all. I hope JY does something with this opportunity, but I doubt it. I...
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    GUILTY KY - Trey Zwicker, 14, beaten to death, Louisville, 11 May 2011 #1

    I basically stumbled on to this case today when I turned on HLN and I came to the same conclusion pretty fast. I hate to agree with the TH on that channel, but I got drawn in by the opening statements and I am really hoping that the prosecution has more than just the word of Joshua Young's...
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    Verdict is in

    I am very sad for Trayvon's family, but I feel justice was served tonight. I am impressed by this jury pushing through to a verdict. It could not have been eay. I came into this thinking George had to be guilty, had to pay, but tried to keep an open mind. I watched every day and the...
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    Poll: Guilty, Not Guilty, Hung Jury

    I voted manslaughter, particularly after reading jury instructions. I really hope it won't be a hung jury. Those of you who are mentioning the depth of division among websleuths members (I've seen similar division of opinion on facebook) being reflected in the jury could be right. I was...
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    VERDICT is IN!! #1

    Nicely done!! Finally, Jutice for Travis!!
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    Verdict Watch 05/07/2013

    The original juror 16 tweet was posted by a reporter, right? Way to throw the Internet into a tizzy with speculation! :banghead:
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    Verdict Watch 05/06/2013 and 05/07/2013

    I just heard it on HLN. To me, it didn't sound like he was reassuring her. It may be that he didn't really get the urgency of the situation, but telling her they'd send a car as soon as one opened up? Then basically telling her to go, and talk to the cops, sounded like he was trying to get her...
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    trial day 40: the defense continues its case in chief #118

    Why does she get to babble about some random guy abusing a cat? Or a frog in a pot of water?? I really wish the judge would, at some point, request (demand?) that they get to the point!! So frustrating!
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    trial day 39: the defense continues its case in chief #117

    I like the way you think, I hope you're right! The only thing that is keeping me tuned in is just imagining JM going after her during cross examination. Let's hope you're right, they move it along and we see him today. Where are they going with all of these rambles? Do you think they'll...

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