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    Anthrax Attacks of 2001

    Except that school didn't exist. And there are a ton of hits for Greendale School on Google.
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    Zodiac Killer

    Except the cipher isn't that simple. You're basically saying that it is a simple substitution cipher - which is the only way that the distribution of letters (15 unique of 26, 3 repeats) would be exactly the same as WJG's. Which is absurd. That's the kind of cipher you'd see in grade...
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    Zodiac Killer

    RONALD_REAGAN and RONALDWILSONREAGAN. And he was in California back then, wasn't he? ;) The average length of a first/given name is a bit under 6 characters, and the average length of a last name a bit OVER 6 characters, so someone's name length fitting both ciphers is going to be pretty common.
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    MA MA - Vickie Lamberton, 24, Worcester, 12 Feb 1974

    There are many reasons that Barker could have said that he "vaguely remembers" her and is lying - he doesn't want to become a big ol' suspect (with the appropriate news coverage that could endanger his position and community standing), he doesn't want his private life in the newspapers, he DID...
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    WA - Unidentified Male: "Lyle Stevik", Grays Harbor, 17 Sept 2001 - #3

    Another possibility is that, if he was hitchhiking, he may have picked up one of those coupon books at rest stops, which typically list hotels with their addresses and phone numbers. Still, it's an odd way to choose an address. Some people have mentioned possible links to 9-11... there are...
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    WA - Unidentified Male: "Lyle Stevik", Grays Harbor, 17 Sept 2001 - #3

    I may well have missed this, but is there any speculation as to why Lyle put down the address of a hotel in Idaho? He could have listed anything - something generic like 315 Walnut Street in some non-descript town, and at the motel he was checking into, it doesn't sound like they would have...
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    Zodiac Killer

    Sounds like Perez is a nutjob, and the SF police and the FBI think the same thing. Maybe she should go back to claiming to be JFK's daughter.
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    New Guinea - Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan, en route to Howland Island, 2 July 1937

    Ham guy here... I find it pretty very that some kids in the Rockies or Florida would be picking up Earhart's distress call. Why? She was broadcasting at 50W, and using a V-type antenna (i.e. "rabbit ears") If I want to send a message to you locally using 50W, I could use a cheap antenna to...
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    WA WA - David Adams, 8, Issaquah, 3 May 1968

    Wow, that's fascinating. I wonder if the original case file has this person mentioned... he may well have been caught by now for other crimes, or has moved away and the new owners would be more willing to see what's under their cement deck. How far away was this from his last sighting? I...
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    WA WA - David Adams, 8, Issaquah, 3 May 1968

    Thanks to Jill and Rob for clearing this story up. IF he somehow got lost, his remains would still be on Tiger Mountain, and they likely would have been found by now - it's a very popular hiking area in Seattle. It would be interesting to know if any predators were caught who operated in the...
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    Still Asking Questions Here

    If this was a murder - for the RDI theory - why not just transport the body somewhere and dump it? Sure, travel would be suspicious at night, but during the day? That's not totally uncommon. If one could keep Burke quiet - which seems to be an integral part of many of the RDI theories - the...
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    Has anyone mentioned beaver hair brushes?

    They're either beaver or boar hair. Boar is cheaper, and rougher. Beaver is pricier (I paid $15 for my inexpensive one, but they can go up to $100+ for the fancy versions), but softer and is the most common. If this was a male, it's possible he used an old-fashioned brush, since the hair can...
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    Has anyone mentioned beaver hair brushes?

    Just reading a few threads, people have talked about the presence of beaver hair, and perhaps it could have come from boots, etc. Has anyone mentioned that decent shaving brushes (like the ones you use to make lather from 'old fashioned shaving cream') are made from beaver hair?
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    Zodiac Killer

    Have the police confirmed the claims that Perez's publicist is making? I mean - this is the woman who claimed she was JFK's daughter.'s operator weighs in (as of a few weeks ago) here: Having a...
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    VA VA - The Colonial Parkway Murders, 1986-89

    FYI, this happened in Virginia, not Pennsylvania.
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    WA - Unidentified Male: "Lyle Stevik", Grays Harbor, 17 Sept 2001 - #3

    Er, I didn't mean to step on your toes. I didn't even take credit for the idea of the match over there. If you want to submit it yourself - please, it was your hard work, and I didn't mean to insult you. I think I'm going to head off to :behindbar now...
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    WA - Unidentified Male: "Lyle Stevik", Grays Harbor, 17 Sept 2001 - #3

    So far, not long - I haven't done an official submission yet, I'll do that later tonight. No thanks necessary, it's all about solving these cold cases. :)
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    WA - Unidentified Male: "Lyle Stevik", Grays Harbor, 17 Sept 2001 - #3

    I know that Doe Network hasn't submitted it as a possible match. Someone else could have. We'll see. :)
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    WA WA - Leah Roberts, 23, Whatcom Co, 13 Mar 2000

    They still haven't figured out what happened to this poor woman :( Hypothermia makes some sense - remember what happened to James Kim. I'm not sure exactly where her car was found along Canyon Creek Road, but looking at the NWTrails maps, it doesn't look like there are any hiking trails...

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