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  1. Socre8tv

    Myself and another ws member will be joining murt at blanchard park tomorrow morning.

    Good luck WC - why will you guys be there so early???
  2. Socre8tv

    "HARD CANDY" who has seen this movie?

    Saw it long time ago thought it was awesome- I knew Ellen was bound for great things after that performance- I hope every pedophile rents it and ( by some miracle ) it scares them straight.... unlikely i know but I love those types of movies where those things you really wish would happen, do...
  3. Socre8tv

    Daily Updates for Monday November 3, 2008. ***NO DISCUSSIONS HERE***

    Tonight on WFTV Orlando they will be discussing YM Blogging "and what his bosses think about it" They showed Websleuths!!!
  4. Socre8tv

    Letter to Publix - can you think of anyone else?

    Wow - 8000 is alot of people - how are these numbers being projected?
  5. Socre8tv

    Anthony's PI sends statement to Fox 35 - 10/15

    Did a search, George's license is listed in here as well -security guard. Maybe they're colleagues...friends...
  6. Socre8tv

    Letters/Comments to Casey

    Dont you worry, I have no doubt she will see them one way or another. I read through about the first 20 letters - whew! :steamed: there was some heavy stuff. I imagine being Casey, reading those letters addressed to me, feeling the utter hatred- would she be - maybe - numb to it?? I...
  7. Socre8tv

    Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller on Scared Monkey Radio - 10/10/08

    The theory is certainly plausible that Casey seduced her brother. If this was the case then the question is... once Casey realized she was pregnant, did she let Lee know? We know the parents didnt know until the eighth month. Why didnt she go to her brother for money for an abortion? ( can...
  8. Socre8tv

    Dr. Phil - Anthony Case Mon 9/22/08-- UPDATE 10/7/08 Program

    Welcome Dallas! Isnt WS great- I lurked around too and this is as you say the most intelligent and cordial of all sites- I have no patience for that other snarkiness.:blowkiss:
  9. Socre8tv

    Prayer/Meditation Circle for Caylee Thursday 9/18

    Thank you QS that was a GREAT IDEA.
  10. Socre8tv

    2008.09.11 Kristina Talks to Globe -- Sez Casey Guilty

    Wow can you imagine? Caseys uncle and probably her own maternal grandmother will be testifying agaist her in court Harsh
  11. Socre8tv

    First Article That Gets It!

    AAAAAAAAgreed! This is precisely why I joined WS. I had been to other sites that were poorly moderated and pretty smarmy which is not at all what i'm about. I lurked for awhile and saw true objectivity, diplomacy and general respect as well as people who were proactive rather than reactive; as...
  12. Socre8tv

    Has the search been called off

    orrrr you can always say the quickie version: Dear St Anthony please come around something is lost and it cant be found... I prayed this all day as I searched exchangeing something for someone and it for they:rolleyes:
  13. Socre8tv

    WebSleuth Members Assisting TES "Journal" and Support Only

    Thanks Drumstick for starting this list and thanks Gigi2009 for setting a meeting place for WSers to meet at your ICE truck -Mr Socre8tv will be there. If you will be at the search I encourage you to meet up with the group and add your name to this list. There is power in numbers!!! We will...
  14. Socre8tv

    Cadaver Dogs Hits and Info

    OK - the cadaver dogs' hit is a bust it was a dead dog- (fox Orlando news at 10:00) there were some other items found in the woods (breastfeeding/nursing equipment) but YM said it had nothing to do with this case.
  15. Socre8tv

    Candle Vigil for Caylee on Sundays

    HJ, I think it is very kind of you to suggest this gesture, I felt compelled to attend some of the Sunday vigils at the Anthonys to pray "en masse" with others who wanted answers, strength and clarity for the family. It was one of the few ways I knew how to "help". I was saddened when two...
  16. Socre8tv

    WebSleuth Members Assisting TES "Journal" and Support Only

    FBD- WOW We MISSED YOU!!! I knew I should've brought a "R U on WS?" sign to hold up! Beth was our leader and yes, the disorganization was frustrating. Excellent list - all those items are very important. I probably wont be able to search this week since hubby babysat for me today and he...
  17. Socre8tv

    WebSleuth Members Assisting TES "Journal" and Support Only

    Hello all, thank you so much for this thread, your prayers, donation efforts and just for being YOU! I was so excited to bump into Gigi2009, baznme, samijean and Drumstick, I heard the word "thread" in conversation and said "hey, are you guys WSers?" and of course there were immediate welcoming...
  18. Socre8tv

    "Lake Vaj"

    Agreed! Its all that fast livin- Anyway maybe this will help clear up some name and age confusion: read page 37 of the 171 pages in the 2nd set of pdf docs that will give you the names and ages of these guys even the 39 yr old (DC) who is the owner of the tatto parlor. His home address is...
  19. Socre8tv

    If you have not heard this yet please listen now **NOT NEW**

    I have heard Cindy say that Caylee wanted to come home "to her GG and her CC" she said this at one of the Sunday vigils at their home

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