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    Kyron Horman's mom's civil suit against Terri Horman

    I always second guess someone if something seems questionable to me. I don't care how "respected" they are. We will just have to agree to disagree on this one.
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    Kyron Horman's mom's civil suit against Terri Horman

    I know who called her a prime suspect. I don't believe it was appropriate. JMHO. I suspect this might be Desiree's only hope at the moment (which still doesn't make it right, IMO), but if that is the case, then what does this say about the criminal justice system in the USA? Incompetent...
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    Kyron Horman's mom's civil suit against Terri Horman

    I do understand that Desiree is doing whatever she can to find Kyron. I just think this isn't the route to go, but that's just my opinion. The media has already gone on a frenzy saying that she has now been named the "prime suspect," which isn't actually true, yet.
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    Kyron Horman's mom's civil suit against Terri Horman

    I think this whole civil suit is a misuse of the justice system, and now the media is using it to call her a "prime suspect" when even the investigators haven't said that! Here we go .. trial in the media starts now ...
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    Man seen carrying diaper clad baby
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    Live MSM coverage on baby Lisa 21 October 2011- including Nancy Grace
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    Did Lisa's Mom do it? Poll

    You know what I think? I think a lot of parents do things that they probably shouldn't do that puts their children at risk ... sometimes the risks are high and sometimes they are low. Bottom line ... when the risk has a bad outcome then everybody in the universe gets to judge you. And judge you...
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    Viable suspect: Damien Echols

    Lucky for her it isn't anybody's business.
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    Viable suspect: Damien Echols

    Thank you so much for posting this. Folks really are unbelievable. Sigh.
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    The Verdict - Do you agree or disagree? #4

    Excellent post (all of it!), but this part I really appreciated. It reflects exactly how I read the JF's comments and how the jury viewed what was presented. Thank you.
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    The Verdict - Do you agree or disagree? #4

    Brilliant post. Thank you. The scenarios that have been concocted around the jury have been astounding and without a shred of evidence.
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    The Verdict - Do you agree or disagree? #4

    I have no problem with circumstantial evidence. I don't require DIRECT evidence to believe someone is guilty. However, I do require a story that tells me beyond a reasonable doubt that a murder actually occurred. I didn't get that here. I just didn't. I don't know what happened to Caylee except...
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    Theories we have regarding Kyron's disappearance

    I was thinking today about why Kyron's missing touches me so much and I realized it's because he reminds me so much of my younger brother when he was a little guy. Where are you Kyron? Come home.
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    It's Getting Old

    I am one of those folks, and new posters, who is in the minority when it comes to the verdict. I don't typically post very often on any site that I visit, and when I do, it's generally because I feel strongly about something that I've read. I am grateful for this thread, but I have not felt...
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    Imperfect Justice-Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton

    I really appreciated this post. I find the idea that the NG verdict was the entire fault of 12 people -- the jury, to be frustrating. It isn't logical to me that this would actually be the case. I think your scenario makes much more sense and I do sincerely hope JA's intention is to shed light...
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    Imperfect Justice-Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton

    I absolutely disagree. Ashton lost the case. He lost! But I suppose it is much easier to blame the jury. I think people should be allowed to express whatever opinion they have of him whether it differs from the majority or not. <modsnip> I find it stunning that all of this "surprising"...
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    GUILTY CA - Sgt. Jan, 24, & Quiana Pietrzak, 26, murdered, Winchester, 15 Oct 2008

    In no way was it for financial gain. Apparently there were racial slurs spray painted in the house and Pietrzak's wife, Quiana, was sexually assaulted. And why kill execution style?
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    The Verdict - Do you agree or disagree? #4

    In your opinion. But that doesn't make you right nor does it justify calling the jury names. I can understand reasonable, logical arguments as to why the jury decision was wrong, but calling them lazy, stupid, uninformed, etc. just doesn't cut it for me. In fact, I find it highly offensive. I am...
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    Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias - What do you believe?

    I think the most damning evidence is the bloody palm print containing both her and Travis' blood. No getting around that one, IMO.

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