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  1. Boytwnmom

    TX TX - Jason Landry, 21, en route from TSU to home, car found crashed at Luling, 14 Dec 2020

    That's a really strange aspect. I have 22 yr old twin boys. One still in college several hours drive away. In fact he had an accident on his way home before Thanksgiving and totaled his car-he's fine. But first thing he did is call me. Neither goes anywhere without their phone. They would never...
  2. Boytwnmom

    GUILTY NY - Evanna Tranberg-Bennett, 12, died, parents failed to get her medical care, 6 Dec 2019 Probation

    I assume it's their mistrust of government. I don't think that's a new thing for them since they've been involved with DSS/CPS in 2 states going back many years. They don't want the gov to know anything about them. It's a fairly common "craze". Goes along with preppers which they may be with...
  3. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #81

    Honestly, IMO, his failure to take this seriously and implement a national strategy was, and continues to be, a much more serious national security threat. That Rose Garden ceremony was an unbelievable example of hubris that has come home to roost. Maskless, no social distancing, gathering...
  4. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #71

    That's disappointing. Although MV has so many tourists from all over. I'm generally proud that where I live in MA I have yet to see any non-compliance. And here in the Berkshires I thought tourism would be down substantially -we get many NY'ers for the cultural events, theater, Tanglewood...
  5. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #69

    I went out non food/necessity shopping yesterday for the first time since this started and where did I go? Manchester VT to get my sons some gifts for their birthday today. And I chatted with staff in the 4 stores I went to and all were telling me about the local outbreak-my two favorite stores...
  6. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #50

    I feel similarly. I'm in far western MA and our local outbreak was mostly due to a nursing home. But we spent several days in NYC in early March for knee surgery for my husband. It was the last few days before things got serious and I was being very careful with wipes and hand sanitizer and not...
  7. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #50

    Same with Aubuchon here. They also have great weird stuff you may need-like a battery for my thermometer that no one else had and since no stores had thermometers I needed a battery for my hypochondriac husband whose temperature was, of course, normal.
  8. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #50

    You need to apply for the SBA money. The first batch went fast but they are working on another traunch. ABA Urges House Leaders to Approve Additional Paycheck Protection Program Funding | ABA Banking Journal "The American Bankers Association today urged House leaders to swiftly approve a...
  9. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 *Global Health Emergency* #11

    I'm not as optimistic. We don't even know if our tests are reliable. Most countries are using the same test but the CDC developed it's own which was the one that was demonstrably unreliable when first sent out. So they changed the test to only look for 2 rather than the original 3 markers (also...
  10. Boytwnmom

    Coronavirus COVID-19 *Global Health Emergency* #10

    Exactly. The real problem is the supply chain. I am no kind of expert on it but have been doing some reading. Here's an article from HBR that I found informative and fairly basic: How Coronavirus Could Impact the Global Supply Chain by Mid-March My biggest concern is about the American public...
  11. Boytwnmom

    Deceased/Not Found CT - Jennifer Dulos, 50, New Canaan, 24 May 2019 *ARRESTS* #36

    The deposit was acceptable and was consistent with the terms of the Deposit Agreement at People's Bank ("Any joint owner has the authority to endorse for deposit to your joint account any check, draft, or other Item payable to any or all of the joint owners of the account."). As I said in an...
  12. Boytwnmom

    Deceased/Not Found CT - Jennifer Dulos, 50, New Canaan, 24 May 2019 *ARRESTS* #36

    The Deposit Agreement of the bank will indicate the specific rules applicable to the account. They would, of course, be superseded by Articles 3 (Negotiable Instruments) and 4 (Bank Deposits & Collections) of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and/or other applicable law, if in conflict. The...
  13. Boytwnmom

    France - Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint, Paris, 2016 *arrests*

    Because it is not a hotel. It's apartments. So doubt it has the amenities of a hotel. Perhaps an in-apartment safe. But she may not have kept her things in it. They seem to visit Paris quite frequently so she may feel at home there. And you usually put things in the safe when you won't be...
  14. Boytwnmom

    Brendan Dassey's Habeas Corpus Petition Granted

    Thanks for posting. I doubt they will re-try him. As the court noted the confession was the primary evidence for all three counts. The confession is out-involuntary and unconstitutional. Without that, they really have nothing. Definitive excerpts: I was always appalled at the tactics...
  15. Boytwnmom

    Does the flu shot really work?

    Wow Zuri, I didn't know that. Scary. I am always fairly unconscious about the shot. If I happen to have a Dr appt and they mention it, I get it and, if not, no. Now this year I got it and haven't been sick at all which is very unusual. But this winter has been pretty bizarre in western MA...
  16. Boytwnmom

    Netflix to stream new documentary on Steven Avery - #2

    nor was there any evidence they had been used at all never mind in connection with the victim. If I recall correctly of course!
  17. Boytwnmom

    OR - Militia members occupy federal building in Oregon after protest #1

    the other sensationalist "story" appears manufactured by a disaffected and estranged young family member who the feds went after. That story neither makes any sense nor is it consistent with the character of the Hammonds otherwise, which, from all accounts by their neighbors and community...
  18. Boytwnmom

    OR - Militia members occupy federal building in Oregon after protest #1

    them with terrorism. They had to be minimum sentenced because of the feds decision to prosecute under that statute instead of another. That's solely within the prosecutorial discretion of the DOJ. Some of us who've dealt with the feds know this type of charging itself is a form of punishment and...
  19. Boytwnmom

    OR - Militia members occupy federal building in Oregon after protest #1

    and I have varying opinions depending on the specific circumstances. Our family vacation time is basically spent enjoying the federally owned lands in the west. I am a huge supporter of national parks and the forest service. But I have also come to appreciate the issues large federal holdings...
  20. Boytwnmom

    Netflix to stream new documentary on Steven Avery

    But the motive there was anger at the woman who was his cousin and who happened to be married to the sherrif. I don't even remember precisely what it was about, but he was very angry at her for something she was maybe saying about him? It had a specific motivation and isn't at all similar, IMO...

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