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    MO - Trina A'Moir, 18, and son Caden, 3, murdered, St. Louis, 30 April 2019

    Horrific. The thought of the terror the mom went through and the poor little boy is heartbreaking. I hope the coward murderers are caught and soon.
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    Welcome To Websleuths

    How do folks do avatars? I don't know the first thing on how to do it. Are there any on here now to pick from? Thanks in advance.
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    Recovered/Located NC - Carl Dotson, 48, Brandi Risden, 32, & infant, 4 mos, Taylorsville, 27 March 2018

    What the hell? I totally agree with you! This cries out for an Amber Alert. They should use everything possible to find them NOW!
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    CA CA - Hannah, 16, Devonte, 15, & Sierra Hart, 12, Mendocino County, 26 March 2018 #1

    This is so incredibly sad. I remember the picture of Devonte and the officer. This is horrible. The poor children. Seemingly getting a chance at a good life and now this! And we don't know what went on before this. I am very suspicious about the crash.
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    IL - Demetrius Griffin, 15, burned alive in garbage can, Chicago, 16 Sept 2016

    I hope we hear they find whoever is responsible for this horrific murder. This is evil.
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    Just in Time for Mother's Day Mom Arrested for Faking Infant's Illness to Raise Money

    I agree. I believe she is just evil and greedy.
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    Flower shop owner caught stealing flowers off of graves

    Well, she'll probably see a drop in sales after this. :eek:
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    Found Deceased IL - Semaj Crosby, 16 mos, Joliet Township, 25 April 2017

    This is awful. Our best case scenario is that she is safe with some misguided person thinking they are "saving' her. She is a darling little girl.
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    Found Deceased CA - Alycia Yeoman, 20, Gridley, 30 March 2017 #1

    Possibly whoever was driving used the turn signal without thinking about it out of habit because we are so used to doing that while driving.
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    Found Deceased CA - Alycia Yeoman, 20, Gridley, 30 March 2017 #1

    Is it just the camera, but to me it seemed the truck was going pretty fast before it had to slow down to turn?
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    Found Alive KY - Richard Ramey, 53, Pike County 25 March 2017

    Just came on and am thrilled at the good news! Bless you to all searchers and good vibes sent and to hero Max! :happydance:
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    Found Alive KY - Richard Ramey, 53, Pike County 25 March 2017

    I hope he is found safe very soon Tulessa. You and the rest of the family must be so scared. It's still possible he is just in need of being found and helped to get back home.
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    Found Safe CA - Carlos, 2, & Jayden Cortez, 1, Cathedral City, 23 March 2017

    I don't know much about twitter, but I was just now checking it about the boys and someone said they were found safe in desert hot springs. I hope this is true.
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    Investigation Discovery's "Disappeared" Cancelled

    Thanks to all for this good news. My favorite too. I hardly watch tv at all so didn't know. When I first saw it, it was on Netflix so I watched lots of them in a row. ghost story~ I saw that someone on the facebook posted above said the narrator we all seem to like so much will return. Don't...
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    Found Safe TX - Jax Laymance, 10 months, Palestine, 2 Mar 2017

    Hi LaborOfLobe, I see your post now where they corrected that. Poor baby. I hope he will be alright!
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    Found Safe TX - Jax Laymance, 10 months, Palestine, 2 Mar 2017

    It seems they made a mistake on the little guys age. Shouldn't he be 10 months if he was born 4/21/16?
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    Who Stole Tom Brady's Jersey?

    Maybe it deflated.
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    GUILTY FL/AL - Four women slain; suspect Wm Boyette dead, Feb 2017 *M. Rice arrested*

    Yep. These two seem like they are in an "don't have nothing to lose now" attitude. I think people should keep their doors locked day and night! Everywhere. I do. I lock my door when I go to the mailbox. And I live in a very "low crime" area. Bad things can happen anywhere. I just hate it when...

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