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    Recovered/Located TX - Rashee Rice, adult, Dallas, 30 Mar 2024

    Pretty confident in saying, $2 would have exceeded that money/sense threshold.
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    GUILTY SC - Brittanee Drexel, 17, Myrtle Beach, 25 April 2009 *ARREST in 2022* #21

    It's a pretty one sided piece, clearly meant to inflame folks against the FBI for the pending law suit. Probably want to take it with a grain of salt or 12. The FBI had an informant pointing fingers at the Taylors. I feel for the Taylor family and what they went thru, but the FBI didn't pick...
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    GUILTY SC - Brittanee Drexel, 17, Myrtle Beach, 25 April 2009 *ARREST in 2022* #21

    Great to see, just wish she was charged with abduction and murder as well. That would be just, given the known evidence.
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    Baltimore, MD - Container Ship Strikes Francis Scott Key Bridge - Mass Casualty Situation

    One thing that blows my mind about this situation is why there weren't tugs on each side of the ship guiding it out to open water (or in to port)? When I was in the navy, stationed on an aircraft carrier, it seemed we always had tugs on each side until we hit open water. Perhaps it's a...
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    Eric Smith Free - Will He Kill Again?

    History says this guy is going to kill (and mutilate) again. Too much history with other similar offenders to think this will end up any other way. Can't believe they let this guy out.
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    GUILTY CA - Laci Peterson, 27, pregnant, Modesto, 24 Dec 2002

    "Scott Peterson writes "I am innocent"" Of course, one has to consider that that "I am innocent" is coming from a proven psychopath, pathological liar and malignant narcissist. A little critical thinking would head off this nonsense, but I suspect this all is being driven by a future...
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    VA VA - The Colonial Parkway Murders, 1986-89

    Yet another polygraph failure that left a murderer out on the streets. It's embarrassing that LE in this country (and Canada) rely on and trust the results of these completely unreliable "tools". Sarcastically speaking, they'd probably get more accurate information from a psychic than these...
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    MI - Samantha Woll, a Detroit synagogue president, fatally stabbed *Arrest*

    Yep. But when you have a tremendous amount of media pressure and you're a pretty incompetent investigative agency, that "confession" is pure, investigative gold.
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    FL - Jennifer Kesse, 24, Orlando, 24 Jan 2006 - #13

    The problem with genetic genealogy in this case is (presuming the offender is an immigrant worker) a lot of central american countries don't keep birth records like the US does, let alone have the volume of people submitting dna to ancestral sites. Trying to trace down an illegal immigrants...
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    CANADA Canada - Madison Scott, 20, Vanderhoof, BC, 27 May 2011

    I, personally, can't believe polygraphs are even used anywhere, let alone relied upon for information. I know they are rarely used in Europe and the UK, because of their unreliability. I get LE wanting to ask if a suspect will take a polygraph to gauge the suspects reaction, but to rely on...
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    TX TX - Terri 'Missy' Bevers, 45, killed in church/suspect in SWAT gear, Midlothian, 18 Apr 2016 #48

    Burglars, even amateur ones, don't wear bulky, clumsy clothing to commit their crimes. That individual was dressed for hand to hand combat, not ease of movement.
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    Deceased/Not Found CA - Kristin Smart, 19, San Luis Obispo, 5/25/1996 *Guilty* #4

    Yeah, with their (the whole family) behavior over the past 27 years, I think we can safely rule out getting a conscience and divulging Kristin's whereabouts. The only way I see that happening is offering PF a sentence reduction in exchange for her remains.
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    MI - Man sues Olive Garden alleging there was a rat's foot in his minestrone

    You're welcome:) From what I read, they already inspected the restaurant and found no evidence of insect or rodent problems. The fact that he was only asking for $25K smacks of a con man and his attorney looking to get a quick and easy payout from a large corporation.
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    MI - Man sues Olive Garden alleging there was a rat's foot in his minestrone

    Not buying this for a second. Would have to be intentionally put in there for this to happen. Not going to be surprised if they find that this guy has a history of filing cheesy (no pun intended) lawsuits like this.
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    Deceased/Not Found CA - Kristin Smart, 19, San Luis Obispo, 5/25/1996 *Guilty* #4

    Not going to be surprised if Ruben and/or Paul's mother files suit against the state for not protecting their son. They, undoubtedly, feel he shouldn't have been convicted in the first place and this attack is just another miscarriage of justice against their good son.
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    NM NM - Tara Calico, 19, Belen, 20 Sept 1988

    It's not uncommon. As long as LE has identified suspects and can get warrants for phone taps, it can be pretty effective. Getting those suspects nervous and talking to others may be the only way to solve this and bring Tara home. Worth a shot IMO.
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    NM NM - Tara Calico, 19, Belen, 20 Sept 1988

    Felt more like an effort to shake the tree, so to speak. Get some tongues wagging, see how potential suspects react to the "news". Time will tell if it worked.
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    VERDICT WATCH SC - Paul Murdaugh & mom Margaret Found Shot To Death - Alex Murdaugh Accused - Islandton #36

    Probably frowning a lot because he lost the one juror they bought to assure, at minimum, a hung jury. Sorry to be so cynical, and I really don't know a ton about this case, but, with the little I have read, I'd be shocked if this family didn't at least attempt to buy a juror or two.
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    GUILTY CA - Former NFL star, Kellen Winslow Jr. Threatened To Murder Women After He Raped Them, 2018

    Is his frontal lobe (if that actually is what makes him a violent predator) going to heal? No? Then leave him in prison, he's just going to re-offend. Predators don't change their stripes.

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