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    POLL - Kobe Bryant case dropped: How do you feel?

    thanks for these tidbits RumTum Tugger. I personally would have like to see it go to trial. I am not a fan of Kobe at all. I would like to see where all the 'reported' information about the 'supposed' victim really came from. I would not be surprised to see one Pamela Mackey masterminding...
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    POLL - Kobe Bryant case dropped: How do you feel?

    I agree with soloflyer.. if the alleged victim was goldbricking, I believe the prosecutor would have had an idea about that and not decided to prosecute. It would be very interesting if we all knew the facts of the case instead of rumors etc.. Just from what I see happened to the Lakers...
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    Identified! MO - Wright City, Wht/HispFem Torso 813UFMO, 20-45, Jun'04 - Deanna Howland

    Authorities continue to work to identify the remains of a woman that was found June 28, in brush at the westbound Interstate 70 rest stop in Wright City. Detective Michael Yarbrough with the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad said Thursday that the Major Case Squad is now reviewing a DNA...
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    GUILTY NJ - Brittney Gregory, 16, Brick Township, 11 July 2004

    Authorities continued to search a marshy, wooded area Wednesday for a missing teenager who is feared dead. Brittney Gregory has been not been seen since July 11. Jack Fuller, 38, of Howell Township, is charged with her murder. He has a history of drug and theft-related arrests, twice...
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    VT VT - Brianna Maitland, 17, Montgomery, 19 March 2004

    The parents of a Sheldon teenager are taking a different tactic in the search for their missing daughter. Brianna Maitland, 17, has not been seen since she left work at the Black Tavern Inn in Montgomery at 11:20 p.m. March 19. Brianna's parents, Kellie and Bruce Maitland, are acting on...
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    TX TX - Rosa Sandoval, 12, San Antonio, 28 May 2004

    Teresa Sandoval wants to set the record straight about the disappearance of her 12-year-old daughter Rosa -- her family has nothing to do with it. In an interview Monday with KSAT 12 News, Sandoval said she is upset with the way police are investigating the case. Sandoval said police...
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    CA - Samantha Runnion, 5, abducted & murdered, Stanton, 15 July 2002

    In Memory Of Samantha Runnion
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    CA - Samantha Runnion, 5, abducted & murdered, Stanton, 15 July 2002

    7/12 - Preliminary hearing for Alejandro Avila, for the July 2002 abduction and murder of 5-year-old Samantha Runnion (a trial date might be scheduled) from here... I didn't hear anything about it, so it was probably delayed...
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    RI RI - Christine Dumont, Audrey Harris, Woonsocket, 2003/04 *J Mailhot guilty*

    A 33-year-old Woonsocket man was named the "primary suspect" on Monday in an investigation into the disappearance of three women, who are presumed dead. Police haven't charged Jeffrey Mailhot in connection with the disappearances, but said no other suspects are being sought. "We are very...
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    CANADA Canada - Tamra Keepness, 5, Regina, Sask, 5 July 2004

    The stepfather of Tamra Keepness was charged Monday with assault causing bodily harm after an alleged altercation at the family home the night she disappeared. The charge came a week after police said they had some questions about what was happening in the home that night. "Our investigation...
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    IN IN - Molly Dattilo, 23, Indianapolis, 6 July 2004

    A college student who disappeared more than a week ago in Indianapolis remains missing, and police say they have no clues to her whereabouts. Molly Dattilo, 23, a Madison native who had been attending summer classes at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, was last seen the...
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    GUILTY UK - Hannah Foster, 17, Southampton, 14 March 2003

    A telephone hotline set up in India by the parents of murdered English schoolgirl Hannah Foster has received 134 calls in just 24 hours. The Fosters are in India to raise the profile of the prime suspect in the case, who flew there after Hannah was strangled in Southampton in March 2003...
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    GUILTY UK - Hannah Foster, 17, Southampton, 14 March 2003

    Trevor and Hilary Foster are in New Delhi at the start of a 12-day trip they hope will help lead to the capture of suspect Maninder Pal Singh Kohli. They also launched a new telephone hotline for information about the case. Their 17-year-old daughter was murdered in Southampton in March...
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    CANADA Canada - Tamra Keepness, 5, Regina, Sask, 5 July 2004

    While searchers aggressively followed up on leads, a Regina Police spokeswoman is hinting time may be running out for a happy ending in the case of Tamra Keepness. "The likelihood of a happy ending to this becomes more remote," Elizabeth Popowich told reporters about what may be the largest...
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    GUILTY OR - Cassandra Hodges, 4, Klamath Falls, June 2004

    The boyfriend of the Cassandra Hodges' mother may face the death penalty in connection with the little girl's death. Erik Guillermo was arraigned in a Klamath County court by video on Thursday. He pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and murder charges...
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    GUILTY VT - Ligia 'Gia' Collins, 26, Burlington, 5 July 2004

    Burlington Police are seeking the public's help in locating 26-year-old Ligia Rae Collins, who disappeared July 5. Her disappearance is being treated as suspicious. Collins was last seen by her live-in boyfriend around midnight July 4, according to Detective Cpl. Shawn Burke. Police were...
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    MI MI - Steven Kraft, 12, Benton Harbor, 15 Feb 2001

    Police are hoping an offer of a cash reward will jog someone's memory and lead to the discovery of a boy who vanished from his Benton Heights neighborhood more than three years ago. Benton Township police announced Wednesday that a California-based foundation is offering $5,000 for...
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    CANADA Canada - Tamra Keepness, 5, Regina, Sask, 5 July 2004

    As storm clouds threatened and daylight faded, police and search and rescue volunteers stepped up efforts Wednesday night in the search for a missing five-year-old Regina girl. "It's not like her to go off by herself," Troy Keepness said of his daughter Tamara Jewel Keepness. Sitting on...
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    FL FL - Mark Jackson, 35, Fort Lauderdale, 27 June 2004

    Ten days ago Mark Jackson vanished. His parents, baffled by his disappearance, drove from their Nashville home to meet with Fort Lauderdale detectives over the weekend. Charles and Libby Jackson say leaving without contacting someone is out of character for their only child: They are a...
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    IL IL - Diamond, 3, & Tionda Bradley, 10, Chicago, 6 Jul 2001

    The Cold Case Squad, an elite unit of the Chicago Police Department, has now taken over the investigation into the disappearance of Diamond and Tionda Bradley. The case has baffled investigators for almost three years but detectives remain determined. They said they need the public's help...

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