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    The oversized Bloomingdale’s panties.

    the other reason that makes sense to me, is that they were going away, all of Jonbenet's other panties were either packed or dirty.
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    The oversized Bloomingdale’s panties.

    I think that the oversized panties were needed because a dead body is difficult to dress,
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    Members' Theories

    This is my theory, I have read a number of book over the years and recently read two new books about the murder, so her is what I think happened. The family return from the white's Christmas dinner, Jonbenet is put to bed, quite late for a little girl, she is not toileted before she goes to...
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    GUILTY Australia - Daniel Morcombe, 13, Woombye, QLD, 7 Dec 2003 - #2

    I apologise if the following question has been answered earlier, but I have just finished reading "where is Daniel?" which I found quite compelling, one thought came into my mind though, what was Cowan planning on doing if Daniel had of caught the bus as was expected? It seems he made no effort...
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    If You Are From Australia (and surrounding countries) Please Post HERE!

    Hi I am Sandra <mod snip>, a 58 year old from Brisbane Queensland. I joined Websleuths during the Allison Baden-Clay case purely be chance and got caught up with it. I an back now because of the William Tyrell. I find information here and the opinions and thoughts of others, fascinating...
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    Who is GBC? An armchair psych discussion

    It seems to me if GBC had of put as much effort into his business as he did in finding a sexual partner, he would have been a multimillionaire!
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    ***GUILTY***The Verdict Waiting Room #3

    I think it has been obvious for quite a while that the two families didn't get on, so expect now that they would respect each other is asking a lot I think. They do though share three grandchildren, those poor girls, I wonder do they see the BC
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    ***GUILTY***The Verdict Waiting Room #3

    Okay, it is time for anyone who has been keeping their identity secret to own up - I am really fascinated to find who some people really are. When the reporter said Nigel Baden Clay slumped in his seat, I wondered if he thought "I'm next
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    ***GUILTY***The Verdict Waiting Room #3

    I wonder if Toni McHugh feels any guilt, if her behaviour on that Thursday caused GBC to kill Allison - some how I doubt it. I wonder if he told her?
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    ***GUILTY***The Verdict Waiting Room #3

    60 minutes interview with Toni McHugh - whoever said stupidity doesn't pay?
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    ***GUILTY***The Verdict Waiting Room #3

    Will his life in jail change now or will it continue as it has been. Thank you everybody for the intelligent, sometimes a little testy, but always friendly interaction on these pages. May Allison RIP and may her little girls girls grow into extraordinary women. God bless her parents and her...
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    The Verdict Waiting Room #2

    Talking to a lady at the hairdressers today, she was a juror on a murder trial, took them 8 days to reach a verdict.
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    The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 9th July - Trial Day 17

    Thank you Freya, will they sit on Friday, or do they ll go away and come back on Monday? I am finding some of these rules quite ridiculous. They don't sit on a Friday, they start at 10am, have a long lunch break and finish just before 4pm. No matter what we think of GBC, we are talking...
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    The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 9th July - Trial Day 17

    I do feel sorry for those jurors - having to listen to so much reiteration, honestly do they have to be so wordy?
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    The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 9th July - Trial Day 17

    Thank you, I knew there was "better" word, I just couldn't think of it,
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    The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 9th July - Trial Day 17

    Will the jury sit tonight? Have they elected to be isolated or are they going home each night, and the weekend? Thank you
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    The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 9th July - Trial Day 17

    I think he wrapped Allison in a tarp and dragged her down the hill to the car, put her in the car on the tarp and used it again to dispose of her at Kholo Creek. I was also told by a reliable source, that Nigel would be charged with being an accessory after GBC was found guilty. I don't...
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    The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 7th July - Trial Day 15

    No the hairdressers was a freebie. The evidence that they had over $10000 in bank accounts surprised me and I don't think they were as poor as we were led to believe. The parent teacher interview, I have been to plenty of them WITHOUT my husband I don't think that makes him a poor father.
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    The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 7th July - Trial Day 15

    If they had this amount money in bank accounts, why didn't they pay there bills?
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    GBC Trial General Discussion Thread #4

    Just a couple of observations from some the posts recently: 1. The Life Assurance policy - in this situation and probably many others (terminal illness, coma, expected death) it would be appropriate to contact the Insurance company in the days leading up to the discovery of Allison's body...

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