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  1. bogeygal

    Family says it found dead rat inside birthday cake

    I can't finish my lunch now!
  2. bogeygal

    Haleigh's General Discussion Thread for 2012-13

    Praying for that beautiful little angel, and wishes for her to be in a happy place, I think of her in my nightly prayers.
  3. bogeygal

    Officer Buys Barefoot Homeless Man, Boots

    Nice to hear a story such as this! Thanks for sharing!
  4. bogeygal

    Offensive content: 'Nuff said.

    She look's either stoned or drunk in the photo. Maybe she thought she was still home! Yuck is right....EWWW
  5. bogeygal

    Hurricane Sandy updates

    Hi nosey! Mr. Bogeygal is on a golf vacation in the Carolina's. He's supposed to be home on Monday, and since I'm such a worrier, Hoping his flight home to Newark airport is safe in this storm! Prayers please for his safe return!
  6. bogeygal

    CO - Jessica Ridgeway, 10, Westminster, 5 Oct 2012 - #20

    What The world needs now .... What The World Needs Now Is Love / Dionne Warwick - YouTube
  7. bogeygal

    GUILTY MS - Linda Reed for embezzlement, Copiah County, 2012

    I was truly believing she was kidnapped, but now feel she either planned her disappearance in advance of money laundering (is that the word?) I remember thinking about her dentures or a tooth missing. I was worried about her safety. And OH BOY! Now we finally know! What a shame for her family...
  8. bogeygal

    GUILTY MS - Linda Reed for embezzlement, Copiah County, 2012

    OMG! I am so shocked! Followed this case and never expected this outcome!
  9. bogeygal

    French dog poisoned and buried alive survives

    That's one LUCKY DOG!!!! Thanks for sharing that story!
  10. bogeygal

    Reliving A Love Story

    Thank you SwampMama for sharing your story! Bless you!
  11. bogeygal

    Reliving A Love Story

    Very touching story
  12. bogeygal

    Miami: Parking Garage Construction Collapse

    Prayers for all!
  13. bogeygal

    GUILTY TX - Elizabeth Escalona for child abuse, Dallas, 2012

    More at link:
  14. bogeygal

    EMU stops traffic in Florida

    Plans for emu underpass across Australian Highway abandoned! More at link.
  15. bogeygal

    EMU stops traffic in Florida

    Just read the article. Poor Taco didn't get lucky! Maybe some other day!
  16. bogeygal

    EMU stops traffic in Florida

    Those Emu polls were the best! Miss them! :floorlaugh:
  17. bogeygal

    GUILTY NJ - Barbara Vernieri, 70, murdered in her home, East Rutherford, 14 Sept 2012 *Retrial granted 2022

    Just In, arrest made in her murder to be announced at News 12 NJ, shortly
  18. bogeygal

    CT - Man kills masked intruder, learns it’s his son, New Fairfield

    This is such a tragedy for this family. It's heartbreaking. Wish he wasn't wearing a mask, (therefore the father not seeing his face), and maybe he couldn't be heard through the mask. Saying prayers for the father and family!
  19. bogeygal

    MI MI - James 'Jimmy' Hoffa, 62, Bloomfield Hills, 30 July 1975

    article below about Jimmy Hoffa from local NJ news

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