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    Who is this?

    Screenshot from a documentary. The only one I can think of is Jill Barcomb. As distorted as the pic is, I can still see blood from the nose and something stuck to her lip.
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    You, the jury

    I'm reading his book for free on internet archive. Look what I found. First one is the girl in blue shirt. Apparently at Sunset ridge off Chaney. No last name given. She's been excluded per Facebook page called Help find serial killer Rodney Alcala's victims. I added her yearbook pic. The...
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    Location of Ellen Hover's body

    According to The Sun, a tabloid, Ellen's body was found in the grounds of Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, Westchester county NY. The rest of the article is imo accurate so for now I also go with this. Interestingly enough, the James House Manor is very close by. I think they went...
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    Shorts girl with pink background

    I think I have found a recent puc of our Alcala girl. If ok I post it here.
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    Still unidentified per February 2018

    This more than a year ago, if you have the latest info please post it here. I saw that the girls at the club have been identified. Btw there's also a young blond guy in one of those pics. Serial killer's secret photos
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    People versus Bradford transcript

    Warning: disturbing details! Interesting point: Bradford was suspected of killing a male, Mischa Stewart in 1982. He was gay and seen leaving a bar with Bradford prior to his murder. Mischa had also been sexually molested. Imo...
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    Squinting dark haired girl

    If there's already a thread for this person, please merge. I haven't found one. I wonder whether this is a very young Janeane Garofalo (actress).