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    Plaid hat girl with dark hair and wild eye makeup

    That's sixties makeup! I was supposed to look like that. Check out Twiggy for example.
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    Plaid hat girl with dark hair and wild eye makeup

    This his Manhatten apartment.
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    Blonde girl in two piece yellow swim suit

    My problem is her eye doesn't reflect any light. And yes you can prop up a dead person who has full rigor mortis.
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    CA CA - Long Beach, WhtFem 700UFCA, 20-28, on beach, faux fur coat, May'74

    No doubt our Jane is Hispanic. Just look at her post mortem pics.
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    CA CA - Placer Co., WhtFem UP17572, 18-27, found in the area of Colfax and Iowa Hill Road, Oct'80

    Hey, did you call it in? I think that might be very well the same person!
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    CA CA - Lisa Smith, 17, Santa Rose, March 16th 1972

    The pictured girl, is she Lisa Michelle Smith or Lisa Smith? Where did the photo come from?
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    CA CA - Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders, 7 girls/young women, 1972-1973

    Does anybody have a photo of Donna Maria Braun? Or know what she looked like?
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    TX TX - Unidentified victims of Dean Corll, Houston Serial Killer, 1970-1973

    Searched ancestry again. No pic. But he was married. The name is kept private. What was his role btw? Is he mentioned during the trial or was he a victim?
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    Girl with dark long hair and fur coat.

    I think this is his own pseudo apartment in Monterey Park, so 1977/1979 period. Unless his mother's house was the same in 1974. It was a bedroom, other room and bathroom. I still think that Diane looks a lot like her, but she was murdered in Maryland. Still what if she visited CA and later on...
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    Blonde girl in two piece yellow swim suit

    Look at that! Holy cow. To keep her head in position. I really, how outlandish it is, have to seriously consider this person to be indeed dead. Unless he wanted to recreate a rigor mortis like situation. Let's hope the latter is the case
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    Another Alcala Victim (still alive)

    I still need third party info like from the two friends.
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    You, the jury

    Good idea! Or do familial DNA research to find the actual person whose earrings they were.
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    You, the jury

    Good idea!
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    Another Alcala Victim (still alive)

    Was this the same place as where he brought Tali? Cause he didn't share that one with others. She states he had roommates. Furthermore, she mentions that she stayed at her friend's home for the night after the incident and then went home. Later she says she stayed away for four days...