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  1. SyraKelly

    Amazing voice on 10yr Sam

    How Great Thou Art Sung By Sam Santiago - YouTube
  2. SyraKelly

    Band of brothers' rallies to protect bullied classmate

    I love stories like this
  3. SyraKelly

    Does anyone remember this little girl?

    I remember this little girl when she was on Oprah She made me cry and gave me chills.. .Martin L King "I Have a Dream" on Oprah - YouTube
  4. SyraKelly

    5yr Old prodigy masters Beethoven in 3 weeks

    Children are amazing.
  5. SyraKelly

    Photo of wife carrying Marine goes viral

    I did not see this story posted yet It brought me to tears..
  6. SyraKelly

    88 yr old Dances To Runaround Sue

    This is not news,but she sure made a lot of people smile!!You have to watch until the very end-Oh My-LOL Rock On!!
  7. SyraKelly

    Kelly Clarkson VS Clive Davis

    I got to give Kelly props here.For a young person who has not been in the business very long(10 yrs)She has gumption to go up against a guy like Clive Davis!Even Howard Stern stood up for her!
  8. SyraKelly

    The Face on This Little One
  9. SyraKelly

    Possible Victims-Mississippi