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  1. Cherry

    CA - Patricia Krenwinkle today

    My Life After Manson via @nytvideo
  2. Cherry

    GUILTY MD - Cecil Brown, 73, murdered at his Takoma Park home, 4 Aug 2014

    Cecil Brown was 73 yrs old, a good and he was attacked behind his home. There are no leads and no suspects yet in this case, nor is there a motive. I hope that his thread will become an active one. It really saddened me to read about his murder...
  3. Cherry

    Mars hills church in news again remb all the rumors in the Nicholas Francisco case?
  4. Cherry

    GUILTY UK - Ann Maguire, 61, teacher, fatally stabbed in class, Leeds, 28 April 2014 A Catholic College in Leeds 15 yr old in custody. shocking incident live feed
  5. Cherry

    Jody Arias Takes out RO against Sheriff Breaking news JA takes out RA claiming she contracted Hep C and it's all Arpaios fault and also she is in declining health due to a leaking breast implant.
  6. Cherry

    GUILTY OH - Three kiled, 1 paralyzed in Chardon High School shooting, 27 Feb 2012 Russell King, Sr., father of one of the victim's has committed suicide on the anniversary of his son's death in the school shooting. A moment of silence please. How Horrific! :scared:
  7. Cherry

    Rosetta Probe to Wake Up

    After three years and a trip through our Keiper Belt, our Rosetta Probe is due to awaken today! It's just huge, we are going to study this comet...and then send a probe to land on it. I cannot wait to see any photos we get from this mission. I'm still recovering and not quite as with it as I'd...
  8. Cherry

    NC - Joshua Callahan, 2, suffocated, Raleigh, 26 Sept 2012 *Insanity*

    There is a live hearing on wral regarding Michelle Harpster. I've been listening for over an hour as I dosed at home trying to recover. She smothered her baby boy Joshua and suffers from Delusional Paranoid Schzophrenia, diagnosed before she ever became pregnant or gave birth. Believed that...
  9. Cherry

    Identified! PA - Bellevue, WhtMale skeletel UP12237, Dec'13 - John Jones Female Remains have been found in Bellevue PA. Edited to fix state!
  10. Cherry

    Nasa live on SUB OCEAN on Europa!

    Live feed starts in 15 minutes press conference on the Icey outer shell and SUBSURFACE OCEAN ON EUROPA!! I don't see a "space" section, if I missed it plz move me over there lol. This is so exciting because I think that those are clearly rivers, and I always thought there might be an ocean...
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    US Court of Appeals Goes Live! :loveyou::loveyou::loveyou::loveyou:
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    Mexico - Radioactive Med Equip Stolen; Found in Mexico Sadly; whomever opened the container on the truck; has been exposed and is either suffering now from radiation poisoning and or likely dead per...
  13. Cherry

    NC - MORAL MONDAY Tresspassing Chrages LV FEED Never heard of a Moral Monday Charge; but this is a live feed from NC wral, and it's now down to two charges of tresspassing at General Assembly and one other charge. They are taking a five minute break; judge dismissed a...
  14. Cherry

    GUILTY TN - Stephen Lovell, 43, & Richard Sommerville, 72, slain, Bean Station, 23 May 2013

    Due in court today; sometimes live feeds in TN: Backstory; will be a death penalty case...
  15. Cherry

    NC - Police searching for NCCU campus shooting suspect

    Stretcher being wheeled slowly into campus. Live feed: Campus on lockdown 5pm lockdown lifted still looking for active shooter, many shots fired Crandall Ingram is suspect dk...
  16. Cherry

    CT - Student in costume prompts university lockdown, Nov 2013 Not a lot of details yet but shelter in place is in effect for all on da campus. Man seen with a gun.:tantrum: Not a Drill...
  17. Cherry

    Crown to Allow Camera's in Appeals Court! 90 year camera ban lifted.:drumroll:
  18. Cherry

    MD - Howard County police officer injured in shootout, 23 Oct 2013

    Late last night a manhunt was underway in Laurel MD; howard county MD for a man who shot an officer. Officer was in serious but stable cond and had helio lift from the site. Very wooded. Manhunt then faced every car leaving the area; checked all trunks with rifles drawn. This morning he...
  19. Cherry

    CANADA Canada - $50K Reward offered in Cold Case Rapes 50K $$ reward offered today for any information on these cold case crimes. Please listen to video and if you know anything please call in. They are appealing to the public to move these two investigations...
  20. Cherry

    FL - Ronald Johnson, 34, beaten to death, Orange County, 27 June 2005

    Cold Case of Ronald Johnson Solved, perp in custody: Det crack cold case.