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    TV One will premiere "Find Our Missing," Hasanni in First Episode Jan 18/12
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    GUILTY Canada - Christina Cline, 27, Dartmouth NS, 18 Nov 2011

    November 19th/11: Date Found
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    Police Dispatch Tapes
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    Video of Hasanni walking

    A video was released of the last known video of Hasanni the Thursday before he went missing ... at a Walmart. Have looked at this video again, and Hasanni did not appear to have many difficulties walking and keeping pace with JC or LR. And doing a bump for little man .... another Christmas...
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    Possible runaway from a group home?

    It appears as if Jason Doe was never reported missing by any family members which leads me to believe that he may be a runaway from a group home and was just drifting from place to place. Does anybody know of a central place where runaways from group homes during that time would be reported...
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    Missing Car Seat

    All discussions/theories/sightings for the missing car seat from Rafferty's car - collected here for easy reference.
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    MTR Discussions

    Continue here for all MTR discussions so these can be found easily for future reference Eleph