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    What does not sit well with me

    The prank obscene call Was it just a random acting like an the day after these girls go missing and did not know about the girls? If the caller was the man who made the phone call, how would the caller who made the obscene call know someone was in the house? These are the days...
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    Found Alive CA - Amy Dillard, 34, Salinas, 17 June 2015

    Amy Jolene Dillard Above: Dillard, circa 2015Bar Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance Missing Since: June 17, 2015 from Salinas, California Classification: Missing Age: 34 years old Height and Weight: 5'5, 140 pounds Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, blue...
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    MA MA - Patricia Minassian, 37, Bourne, 30 June 1996

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance Missing Since: July 1, 1996 from Cape Cod, Massachusetts Classification: Endangered Missing Age: 37 years old Height and Weight: 5'2, 120 - 125 pounds Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, green eyes. Minassian's nickname is Tricia...
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    Identified! AR - Blytheville, WhtFem 449UFAR, 18-36, 'Kim' tattoo, Jun'78 - Kimberlin Mills

    The victim was discovered on June 17, 1978 in Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas Estimated Date of Death: Recent Vital Statistics Estimated age: 18-35 years old Approximate Height and Weight: 5'2"; 125 lbs. Distinguishing Characteristics: Hair is 4-6" in length, light brown to blonde in...
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    Solution for URLS

    Its been years since Doenetwork abandoned the .us site but still .us links are all over the old threads Here is what you do: You add "" to the forum filter and change it to "". This should change every URL on the forum.
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    ME ME - William Garlick, 27, & John Joyce, 33, Worcester MA to Alton ME, 13 Sep 1982

    No Doe nor Charlie pages. This one from Maine's Missing Persons website William Garlick, dob 3-18-55, and John Joyce, dob 6-15-49, left Worcester, MA on 9-13-82 enroute to Alton, Maine to...
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    Identified! ME - Frenchville, 'Baby Jane Doe', WhtFem Newborn, UP15152, in gravel pit, Dec'85 - *Arrest*
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    Thread splitting

    The Caledonia Doe has been cluttered by me. I may have been a bit to selfish in my space on that thread. Can you split off the posts into a new topic with "Submitted Elsie Luscier"? I don't want to drown others out, that is why I am asking for this.
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    Edit rights

    There are many arguments that are for disabling editing after a certain amount of time. This is not my forum. I don't own it. I am here at the pleasure of the admins. So I am not going to try to change it, because for all we know it is the best policy. I have one slight issue. I started a...
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    PA PA - Anne Riggin, 25, Dauphin County, 28 May 1982

    Anne Lillian Riggin Missing since May 28, 1982 from Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Classification: Endangered Missing Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: December 16, 1956 Age at Time of Disappearance: 25 years old Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'3"; 115 lbs...
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    Reopen topic and remove Rulled Out

    My apologies if this is the incorrect forum for this. This was the closest thing I could find for an all purpose general moderation forum. This topic was closed years ago. I started it. Ruled Out NY - UID Female: Hot Case #3 to: Anne Riggin, Harrisburg, 1982 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing...
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    AZ AZ - Tia Payne, 18, Phoenix, 30 September 2009

    Tia Payne last had contact with her family and friends in August 2010. She mentioned getting a modeling job and has failed to contact anyone since she disappeared.
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    7 hour stand off ends due to no one home Snip: OKLAHOMA CITY -- A police standoff ended early Tuesday with metro police discovering there was nobody in the house they were monitoring.A seven-hour standoff near Southeast 59th Street and Bryant Avenue started as a drug...
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    Now thats one tasty bird! CHICKEN A LA LAVA HEALTH chiefs told people worried about bird flu to cook poultry at 700¡C - as hot as erupting volcanic lava. Red-faced bosses at East Kent...
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    ME ME - Kimberly Moreau, 17, Jay, 11 May 1986 Is her website Information from Doe: Kimberly Ann Moreau Missing since May 11, 1986 from Jay, Franklin County, Maine. Classification: Non-Family Abduction Vital Statistics Date Of...
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    Identified! NY - WhtFem photo in possession of convicted killer - Name withheld Is Anne Riggin. Is an unknown female. Download the unknown womens pic, and zoom over her right eye. You can see the same scar that Anne Riggin has. Plus, the unknown women meets the eye/hair...