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    MN - Paynesville Late 80s Sexual Assaults

    Eleven cases and counting... from [joy.the.curious] is a good summary of what has been tracked down by Joy Baker through research and by seeking out those who were assaulted or on whom assaults were attempted. All the assaults took place in and around Paynesville, Minnesota during the late...
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    FL FL - Lisa Bishop, 23, aboard ship Freedon, Miami, 1989

    Gender:Female Height: 5’2” Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Age at the time: 23 My condensed summary of the info at Lisa took off with an acquaintance on the ship Freedon going from Miami to Haiti. After Lisa's family didn't hear from her, the Coast Guard investigated and...
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    Planning the Trip to the Mall (ATTN: cat123)

    Welcome to cat123 and thank you for sharing your experiences. If you're still visiting the forum, I have a question for you and if not, maybe it's something that could be discussed generally. Cat stated that she was a friend of Sheila's and was supposed to go to the mall with the sisters...
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    Mid-Atlantic Murders and Missing

    At some point, I'd like to see the creation of a Spotlight Case forum for the murders of young women in Pennsylvania during the 70s and 80s. In Cold Cases there are quite a few promising threads that could be moved there. To get the ball rolling, pretend we're a Law Enforcement Task Force. :)...