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    OK OK - Tulsa, badly decomposed remains, May'22

    A search party looking for a missing 30-year old Tulsa man appears to have discovered some unrelated badly decomposed remains. Because of the decomposition, no gender, age, race, etc, was immediately released...
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    MN MN - Wright County, nearly complete skeleton, Apr'22

    Landscaping crew finds human skeleton west of Twin Cities They ended up finding a nearly complete skeleton. Some missing cases from Wright and nearby counties; this is not very far away from the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping area: The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) The...
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    Identified! ND - Fargo, wht/native Male, 35-45, scorpion tattoo, Dec'21 - Robert Power

    Highway Patrol needs help identifying critically injured man | KX NEWS
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    AR AR - Little Rock, *GRAPHIC*, HispMal UP81214, 18-40, clothes, AirJordans, "Minnie" earring, May'21

    I just stumbled upon this Namus case from May of this year: The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) *LINK CONTAINS MORGUE IMAGE* The following news article is obviously the same case; the subject was found in the passenger's seat of a vehicle belonging to another man who...
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    MS MS - Jose Nava, 21, Marshall County, 28 Feb 2021

    Hundreds of volunteers assist in searching for missing man in Marshall County Authorities searching for Mississippi man reported missing for nearly a week
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    Found Safe OK - Leslie Driskill, 34, Oklahoma City, 21 April 2020

    Oklahoma City mom, runner has gone missing This doesn't sound good; she's already been missing since Tuesday.
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    Identified! MS - Marshall County, WhtFem, 20s, under bridge, Dec'19 - Sarah Vinick

    Around 1:30 PM on Christmas Eve, two hunters discovered the body of a white female, seemingly dead for weeks, in a creek under a bridge in Marshall County, MS. Foul play is obviously suspected; they believe the location was a dumpsite and that the crime occurred elsewhere. Woman’s body found...
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    UNSOLVED KS - Wichita, fetus in box near river, Nov'19

    Fetus found in box along Arkansas River in south Wichita A 57-year old woman found a box on a sandbar near the Arkansas River in south Wichita. The box contained bloody materials and a fetus that is believed to be 10 weeks or younger. The case hasn't immediately been identified as criminal.
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    Found Safe MN - 2 children, AsianFem 1 & 3, Cottage Grove, 7 Jun 2019

    AMBER Alert (missing children) for Minnesota
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    AR AR - Barling, WhtMale, UP17131, 50-70, skeletal, wooded area, blue overalls, Feb'17

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) Police: Human Remains Found Off Highway 59 In Barling I came across the above UID case while searching on an unrelated case. I'm not able to located the the exact street listed (N. Boundary road). However, by the description of being...
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    Identified! AZ - Mohave County - Male Skeleton in desert, 22 Dec'18 - Jeffrey Russell Van Vliet

    Human remains discovered in desert near Lake Havasu City The only recent Namus case in the area counties (of CA, NV, and AZ) of a male with tattoos is Jonathan Reynoso - the male half of the Coachella Valley missing couple: Jonathan David Reynoso – The Charley Project Audrey Louise Moran –...
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    Identified! ND - Stark County, WhtMale skull, teens/20s, Dec'18 - Edward Stubbs

    Stark County Sheriffs find human skull I found this earlier this evening and immediately alerted Crimestoppers to the existence of this case: Missing Person Case Edward's thread: ND - ND - Edward "Ashton" Stubbs, 16, Fargo, 20 June 2013 Circumstances of his disappearance are suspicious, to...
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    Identified! MS - Jackson, BlkMale, crashed carjacked car and burned, Dec'18- Laurence Veal

    Man burns to death after crashing carjacked car into gas station pump, shooting in air Mississippi police are trying to identify an unknown black male who died on Saturday. He was driving a vehicle that had been carjacked earlier in the day; he crashed it into a gas pump which started on fire...
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    Identified! KS - Wichita, Skeletal remains, 30 Nov 2018 - Donald Cook

    Wichita police: Hunter finds human remains near Oaklawn Google Maps A deer hunter in southeast Wichita located skeletal remains. Appears to be near K15, the main route southeast out of Wichita. No physicals or further info yet.
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    TX/LA - Dallas serial rapist linked to more rapes in Bossier City, 2018

    Dallas, Bossier City police believe rape cases may be related Dallas Police believe that a suspect involved in three rapes within the last two months is connected to two rapes that occurred in Bossier City, LA, in March and April. The suspect is a black male around 16-19, 5'8" and 140 lbs. They...
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    UNSOLVED KS - Wichita, body under bridge, Pawnee/Broadway, Nov'18

    WPD investigating after body found in south Wichita Wichita Police are investigating after a body was apparently found under an Arkansas River bridge near Pawnee and Broadway around 2:30 this afternoon. It is not explicitly clear whether it was a recent death or decomposed remains. If the...
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    UNSOLVED LA - Living Wht Male, 25-35, hitchhiking, possibly from KCK, Aug'18

    KCKPD asking for help identifying man found hitchhiking in Louisiana Kansas City, KS, police are asking the public for help to identify this man. Just over a week ago, he was found hitchhiking in Louisiana and does not know his own identity or exactly where he lives, though he has frequently...
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    Identified! KS - Parsons, skeletal remains in field, Aug'18 - Marissa Craft

    Farmer finds human remains in southeast Kansas A farmer mowing lawn northwest of Parsons KS came across skeletal remains and the death is being treated as suspicious. Apparently the remains were across a county line from the city and were in Neosho County: Google Maps Namus missing from the...
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    Found Safe ND - Jaylee Azure, 18 mos, Grand Forks, 2 Aug 2018

    Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department Issues AMBER Alert | NewsDakota Grand Forks County, ND, Sheriff's Office has issued an Amber Alert for 18 month old Jeylee Azure, whose mother did not return her to the social service office after a visit.
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    IN IN - Salem, WhtMale UP16751, 75-85, alias "Bill Lee Hull", May'12

    This case looks very interesting and I'm not finding a thread on him. Apologies in advance if duplicate. *morgue image at link* Unidentified Person Case This man known as "Bill Lee Hull" died on May 24, 2012. He had lived in Tucson with a woman for around 20 years, then moved to Salem...