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  1. lizzybeth

    Found Safe PA - Noah Wadsworth, 17, Upper Perk, Marlborough Twp, 22 Dec 2016

    This is a friend of my nephew's child. I never met Noah but I have met his mom. They are worried sick. Please share the facebook page if you can. I suppose he could be anywhere by now...
  2. lizzybeth

    Belgium - Several Dead in Anti-Terror Raid
  3. lizzybeth

    Active Shooter at Naval Hospital--Portsmouth VA
  4. lizzybeth

    Person Trapped in Collapsed N.J. Parking Garage

    A glass canopy fell off of a high-rise condominium building and onto a parking garage two stories below on Friday, partly flattening the structure and trapping at least one person, authorities said. Rescuers can see the victim but can't get to the person because they are concerned about the...
  5. lizzybeth

    Man enters Va. bank, claims to have bomb

    Police say they are keeping a close eye on a man who walked into a Harrisonburg bank claiming to have an explosive device strapped around his waist.
  6. lizzybeth

    Barge/Tourist boat collision in Philly

    PHILADELPHIA – Coast Guard officials say two people are unaccounted for after a barge collided with a tourist boat on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Coast Guard Senior Chief Bud Holden says 35 passengers and two crew members were aboard the amphibious boat when it was...
  7. lizzybeth

    7-year old crashes boat; mother killed A 35-year-old mother died after her 7-year-old son accidentally crashed their powerboat into a pier on the Hampton River Sunday evening, according to police. Virginia Marine Police Spokesman Don Bull said an adult...
  8. lizzybeth

    VA - Elizabeth Newby, 83, dies in altercation at senior citizens' luau, 12 Aug 2009

    "A woman was charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly pushing an 83-year-old woman down, resulting in her death, Suffolk police said Tuesday. Velma D. Brown, 58, was in line for entry to a Senior Luau at the National Guard Armory on Aug. 12, 2009, when she suspected that Elizabeth...
  9. lizzybeth

    At least 11 workers sought after oil rig explosion

    NEW ORLEANS – At least 11 people were missing and seven injured after an explosion and fire at an oil drilling platform off the coast of Louisiana, the Coast Guard said Wednesday. Most of the 126 people were believed to have escaped safely after the explosion at about 10 p.m...
  10. lizzybeth

    GUILTY VA - Timothy Davis, 27, shot to death on Blue Ridge Parkway, 5 April 2010

    I apologize if this has already been posted. I did look, but didn't see it. A 56-year-old mechanic was arrested Wednesday in the shootings of two people at a scenic overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia...
  11. lizzybeth

    FL - Dawn Brancheau, Female Trainer Killed at Shamu Stadium,0,5560011.story
  12. lizzybeth

    Port of Moorehead City NC closed by explosives incident
  13. lizzybeth

    Crane Collapse in Center City Philadelphia

    Medics have transported two people from the scene, including a 70-year-old woman who was hit by the crane when it came down. She was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital with stable vital signs. A 40-year-old man, who was on the crane when it collapsed, was also taken to Hahnemann...
  14. lizzybeth

    VA VA - David Metzler, 19, & Heidi Childs, 18, fatally shot, Montgomery Co, 26 Aug 2009

    I'm not sure what's going on with Tech, but they sure have had their share of crime and heartache in the past few years.
  15. lizzybeth

    GUILTY VA - Gerard Curran, 45, Virginia Beach, 28 July 2010

    This is local for me. One thing that seemed strange to me is this man's wife said he checked in every night, that he lived his life like clockwork. ...he called her on Tuesday and said he was going jogging... A lot of things have crossed my mind concerning this. ...the wife thinks, he had some...
  16. lizzybeth

    LA detective from Rodney King trial kills self "A Los Angeles police detective who testified at the Rodney King trial has shot herself to death after walking into a sheriff's station. Police said Tuesday that sheriff's deputies are investigating...
  17. lizzybeth

    GUILTY VA - Carly Sawyer, 5, starved & beaten to death, Chesapeake, 10 June 2009

    This happened in a neighboring city. I thought what I had read about the case previously was bad enough, but it seems it only gets worse. Chesapeake girl kept in box, denied food, warrants say
  18. lizzybeth

    Freddie Mac CFO dead, in apparent suicide From what I understand, this man had only been acting CFO since September of last year. I wouldn't think he was responsible for the mess that they're in. Why?
  19. lizzybeth

    Streaking lights, explosions reported all along coast

    Were they meteors? A comet? UFOs? People from Maryland to Hampton Roads heard loud explosions and saw brilliant, streaking lights in the sky Sunday night. There was no immediate explanation, the National Weather Service office in Wakefield said. The Virginia Beach 911 center had numerous...
  20. lizzybeth

    NSU track athlete arrested after gunfire at Fla. resort

    This might only be of interest to locals but I thought I would post it anyway. It's a shame these two young men let some other people's ignorance anger them to this point.