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  1. PezCandy

    Found Deceased Australia - Rhuan Immaneul - 7 months - tortured and murdered - parents arrested

    Sickening. I wouldn’t have even heard about this other than the snippet that was at the bottom of the tv screen. Such a sad situation for the baby and the grandparents. Very little info about this case as I suppose it’s awaiting trial… is there a date set yet? Where are all these religious...
  2. PezCandy

    MN - Johntae Hudson Shot & Killed During Fight at Mall of America - Dec'22

    I am so sick of these dumb shootings. Minnesota has been ridiculous the past few years it’s sickening.
  3. PezCandy

    MN - Johntae Hudson Shot & Killed During Fight at Mall of America - Dec'22

    I wonder if this is what the emergency alerts were about a little bit ago? I’m a local.
  4. PezCandy

    GUILTY NH - Harmony Montgomery, 7, Manchester, missing after placed in Father's Custody in 2019, reported 2021, *1 Guilty perjury, 1 guilty weapons* #3

    As messed up as it sounds I think that might be the case, speculation at this point but. Poor little girl. I wish someone would speak up already.
  5. PezCandy

    AZ AZ - Tempe, HispFem, UP1987, 15-19, hitchhiking, overdose, Apr'02

    They didn’t question the driver more?
  6. PezCandy

    IL - Stacy Ann Peterson, 23, Bolingbrook, 2007 (still missing) - #14

    Wish someone would find her already, her poor kids never knowing and DP not speaking.
  7. PezCandy

    IL - Stacy Ann Peterson, 23, Bolingbrook, 2007 (still missing) - #14

    I find it sickening. I find it absolutely cruel to her, her children, and her family. Why he’s held on such a high pedestal is beyond me.
  8. PezCandy

    Deceased/Not Found NH - Harmony Montgomery, 7, Manchester, Oct 2019 *reported missing Dec 2021* *REWARD* *Arrest* #2

    Is this search the result of something KM said?? Or was this a planned search? I haven’t seen much about poor HM lately then I see this in my notifications. Hope something comes of the search, answers of some sort!!
  9. PezCandy

    Still Missing NC - Zebb Quinn, 18, Asheville, 2 Jan 2000 *Arrest in 2017*

    Does anyone know when Owens is due back in court?
  10. PezCandy

    IA IA - Elizabeth Collins, 8, & Lyric Cook, 10, found deceased, Evansdale, 13 Jul 2012 #38

    I hope these girls get some justice soon, sad to believe they haven’t already.
  11. PezCandy

    ID - DeOrr Kunz Jr., 2, Timber Creek Campground, 10 July 2015 #32

    idk what it is but I’m glad someone said it before me because I always got Casey Anthony vibes from her, it’s gotta be the hair and petite figure!
  12. PezCandy

    CANADA Canada - Nicole Morin, 8, Toronto, 30 July 1985

    I came across possible explanations looking at the creator of the memorial page. strange thing is, idk how common it is either but I’ve seen it happen a couple times to people who were still alive, that would be creepy.
  13. PezCandy

    Found Deceased NV - Naomi Irion, 18, possibly kidnapped from parking lot, car located, Fernley, 12 March 2022

    Just a heads up, I am dealing with a nasty cold so please forgive me if I don’t make sense or ask a question that was previously asked, my vision is pretty blurry. I apologize ahead of time. Family of Naomi Irion: 'If they can do it to us, they can do it to you' did anyone create a map yet of...
  14. PezCandy

    WA WA - Misty Copsey, 14, Tacoma, 17 Sept 1992

    rheuban? After all these years I don’t see how they couldn’t have found least something to charge him with to get him to speak up
  15. PezCandy

    KY KY - Falmouth, WhtHispMale 25-45, UP81, Hanged, Prior Skull Reconstruction, Disfigured Face, Rosary Beads, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Scapular, Jul’96

    This actually wasn’t that disturbing, there is no identification on the pieces, He would have HAD to gone in and got his face worked on at some hospital so does anyone know if hospital records were checked, I mean it was long ago and this changed a lot but really with how much work the poor guy...
  16. PezCandy

    MN MN - Joshua Guimond, 20, Collegeville, 9 Nov 2002 - #2

    I just barely remember the MySpace stuff, can someone fill me in on it as I can’t find any thing about it due to how much MySpace has changed and the articles that were out about it a long time ago are no longer. Strange.
  17. PezCandy

    Found Deceased MN - Ashley Miller Carlson, 33, from Burnett Co, seen near Hinckley, Pine Co, 24 Sep 2021 *reward*

    I have honestly never heard of positional asphyxia until the Kendrick Johnson case, had no idea what it even really meant. So I’m wondering did she get injured after trying to get out of her after it crashing (if it did crash) I really just don’t know.
  18. PezCandy

    CO CO - Gabriel Max Baldonado, early 40s, abandoned car found under logs, Pagosa Springs, 13 Aug 2020

    did anything come of this? That’s bizarre and I completely forgot about that. Is it something he might have done (I personally know some people that has done strange pentagram stuff like this before during a psychotic break) it can be pretty scary stuff
  19. PezCandy

    Deceased/Not Found NH - Harmony Montgomery, 7, Manchester, Oct 2019 *reported missing Dec 2021* *REWARD* *Arrest* #2

    hmmm… I wonder if LE has spoken to these other two family members about harmony??

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