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    NY NY - Erica Franolich, 26, Middleburgh, 13 Oct 1986

    Bump for Erica. Some day they'll be able to search the family property that one detective alluded to in an interview. Unfortunately, that might be too late to see justice done. Ugh.
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    PA PA - Ilonka Cann, 22, Huntington Mills, 26 May 1970

    Fire Destroys Home At Center of Missing Person Case It has a paywall, but the only thing in the article anyway is this: "A raging fire...
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    AR AR - Lucas Prassas, 21, Wynne, 29 Nov 2013

    Bumping for Lucas. It appears from Facebook that Audrey's husband passed away a year ago. I'm so sorry for her pain.
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    Found Deceased AR - Samantha Hopper, 19, pregnant, & daughter Courtney Holt, 1, Russellville, 10 Sept 1998

    Sounds like they have found her car in the water with remains, although she hasn't been officially IDed yet.
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    NY NY - Erica Franolich, 26, Middleburgh, 13 Oct 1986

    BBM. Great news! This has never been reported in the news before. There is so little to go on in Erica's case, that I believe it will take a witness or confession from the perpetrator to know what happened to Erica. The occasional news reports lets the perpetrator(s) know that the police...
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    Found Deceased PA - White Haven, 'Beth Doe' & Unborn Baby 169UFPA, 16-22, Dec'76 *Evelyn Colon* *Arrest* #3

    Wow, I live in this area, and I had no idea she'd been ID'd! And arrests made! I need to read our local news more. So glad to hear this news.
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #10

    Thanks tarabull.
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    CA CA - Bryce Laspisa, 19, Castaic, 30 Aug 2013 - #10

    RFA, can you give a hint where on youtube I can find this video? I know you can't post a link to the video, but perhaps you could tell the youtuber's handle? I was convinced for the first few years that Bryce had walked away, but the passage of so much time has left me less convinced.
  9. Redux

    Identified! AR - El Dorado, Whitehall Motel, WhtFem 18-21, 81UFAR, Jul'91 - #3 - Kelly from VA

    The girl on the right also has quite a pronounced philtrum and more definition to her upper lips which I don't see in EDJD. They do look a lot alike though.
  10. Redux

    GUILTY PA - Erica Shultz, 26, missed work, Bloomsburg, Columbia Co., 4 Dec 2020 *arrest*

    I haven't heard of any. I'm not too far away from Bloomsburg. Though I don't always follow the local news, so I can't be sure if there's been any others. Bloomsburg is a fairly small town surrounded by rural areas/other small towns.
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    Found Deceased IA - Ethan Kazmerzak, 22, Hampton, 15 Sept 2013 *vehicle found*

    Whaaaa? Anyone know why? Please tell me there's a reasonable explanation cause those guys go out there of their own volition and volunteer the services to the family, relying on donations and reward money to keep them afloat. Hrrmmph.
  12. Redux

    IA IA - Jodi Huisentruit, 27, Anchorwoman, Mason City, 27 June 1995 #2

    Jodi Husentruit & Michelle Martinko side by side pictures. Wow.
  13. Redux

    LA LA - Rolando Schweikert, 29, Metairie, 29 Apr 1991

    @TRB , have you looked at the facebook page for Rolando Schweikert in Guatemala? It's been many years, but I wonder if you'd recognize him. There's two pages (one for a Roland, and one presumably for his son).
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    Found Deceased IA - Ethan Kazmerzak, 22, Hampton, 15 Sept 2013 *vehicle found*

    .. Adventures with Purpose, the youtube diver's team that located Ethan's car, did a live update today. About 27 minutes into the video, they said that the body was found in the back seat of the vehicle (live updates show the time remaining in the video, not the time elapse, so if you hover...
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    PA PA - Jesse Farber, 29, Tamaqua, 11 Aug 2015

    Posting this in case it ends up behind a paywall sometime:
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    PA PA - Jesse Farber, 29, Tamaqua, 11 Aug 2015

    I hope another search party is organized. I'd be there in a heartbeat. Never heard of a Coyote gang, but I'm a little north of Tamaqua, so I'm not a great source. Edit: Googling tamaqua coyote gang only produces articles from Standard Speaker and The Morning Call with that theory. The...
  17. Redux

    GUILTY IL - Megan Nichols, 15, found deceased, Fairfield, 3 July 2014 *ARREST in 2020*

    I wonder if the money Megan withdrew had anything to do with anything. I don't have a single theory about how it could be related (if at all) to her death, just wondering out loud. Maybe it was just a coincidence that she withdrew money for shopping or something.
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    FL FL - Brook Lynn Peck, 21, New Port Richey, 26 Oct 2015

    Marking my spot here as I was trying to remember this girl's name previously and couldn't.

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