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    MO MO - Echo Michelle Lloyd, 47, no bank & cellphone activity, Edwards, Benton Co, 10 May 2020

    The controlling neighbor is the key to this whole case, imo. Didn't Kelsey say she went over there and talked with someone? Not the guy, but a female? People speculated it was his wife? Have the police talked to her (if she exists)? If he's controlling Echo, was he controlling her as well? My...
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    Found Deceased SC - Janis Quintero Matos, 35, & Jamell Reggie Carter, 38, Bamberg County, 17 Dec 2018

    I think there are lots of unanswered questions. I hate, hate, hate when people are not honest about the circumstances when someone goes missing. Maybe they think if they post that the person had drug issues, no one will look for them. Well, I know that I certainly don't think anyone should end...
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    AMBER ALERT WI - Jayme Closs, 13, Barron, missing after parents found shot to death, 15 Oct 2018 *endangered* #2

    I find it hard to believe, too. But it came to mind and things are kinda weird in that arena right now in this country, so I threw it out there.
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    AMBER ALERT WI - Jayme Closs, 13, Barron, missing after parents found shot to death, 15 Oct 2018 *endangered* #2

    This case is so disturbing and I've followed true crime for a long, long time. Random thoughts. All are MOO Scenarios: 1. Jayme was taken by a sexual predator who had been watching her or talking to her online. To me, this is the most likely. 2. Jayme was taken by someone for sex trafficking...
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    CA CA - East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer *ARREST*

    When I started the thread on this case nearly 13 years ago, I doubted they would ever find him. I am so glad I was wrong! This was a shocking conclusion to a case I have followed for so many years. I was going to say something on the original thread, but I found it closed. It was fitting. I am...
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    GA GA - Timothy Cunningham, 35, Chamblee, 12 Feb 2018

    I am sure there is information that the police are holding back, including the content of the conversations he had with relatives. To me The Reasonable Person, it seems like a suicide. I would really like for it to be clarified -- did he leave work sick and say he would work from home, did he...
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    POLL: Kenneka Jenkins- Tragic accident or foul play??

    Accident. Kid was high and drunk. She made bad decisions about friends that night. I think those friends just took her stuff and left. They did not care about her. Perhaps she was going to be turned out, or already had been doing sex work out of that hotel. Maybe she was scared of someone and...
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    Found Deceased TN - Devin Bond, 16, Murfreesboro, 30 March 2017

    I joined the FB group a few days ago and asked them to confirm about the gun and they would not comment. I mean, they didn't say they would not comment, it's just that my comment was the only one not liked in the whole thread. I told them what a good job people do on Websleuths helping out and...
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    Found Safe KY - Glenda Hawley, 56, Louisville, 1 Feb 2017

    Per the Facebook page FindGlenda, she has contacted her mother by phone. The poster then thanked people for their concern and help. I have nothing official other than that.
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    Found Safe KY - Glenda Hawley, 56, Louisville, 1 Feb 2017

    That kind of comment makes you think that maybe she is missing of her own volition. The only other thing I can think of is a ransom demand, but that seems unlikely because *everybody* goes to the police.
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    AL AL - Heaven Ross, 11, Northport, 19 Aug 2003

    Everything here points to the stepdad. I worked at a group home for girls 12-21 for 7 years and most of them had been physically and/or sexually abused. Of the 100+ girls who came through there in that time, only 2 had been sexually abused by their biological fathers. All the rest of them had...
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    Found Deceased MI - Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30, Kalamazoo, 5 Dec 2013 - #14

    I don't think there was anyone real chasing her. A previous poster quoted a friend of hers saying that she thought she was being chased by MS security team. Months ago I stated that if she was being bothered it was not by MS, but by a member of his security team who decided to take it upon...
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    Found Deceased CA - Donna Lass, 25, South Lake Tahoe, 6 Sept 1970

    What I really want to know is HOW they found the "shallow grave" with Donna's personal items? Was it a random hiker or was there a tip called in? There are a lot of crazy theories on Zodiac, including one that implicates the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. If Donna Lass was killed by Zodiac, why...
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    GUILTY MD - Bobbie Cortez, 36, stabbed to death, Dundalk, 6 March 2014

    If all the info I have read in MSM is correct here is what I think: 1. The murder victim, Bobbie Jo Cortez, made bad decisions when it came to men. Not to denigrate the victim at all. I wonder if she even knew about the 2009 charges against DC when they became involved? If not, it's not like...
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    GUILTY HI - Carly Joann 'Charli' Scott, 27, pregnant, Makawao, 9 Feb 2014 - #1

    Okay, my two cents and I will try to say it so it doesn't get pulled: 1. Charli gets called out to help EX. Why did she go? Obviously, she was not afraid of him. He was smart enough not to say he had car trouble, only that he was stuck in a ditch. Was there any evidence of his car that he had...
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    K9 SAR Questions & Answers - Ask the Pros!

    Thanks for the answer sarx. I think I will see if he has any aptitude for nose work.
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    K9 SAR Questions & Answers - Ask the Pros!

    Can you only train certain kinds of dogs for SAR? I have a miniature dachshund, but I've never seen one used for SAR. He's a year old. Would that be too old to start and should I start him with general scent training?
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    Recovered/Located CT - Robert Hoagland, 50, Newtown, 28 Jul 2013

    Maybe he's embarrassed because all of his dirty laundry was aired when his dad went missing. Or maybe he feels like some people blame him for his dad being missing.
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    Recovered/Located CT - Robert Hoagland, 50, Newtown, 28 Jul 2013

    Unfortunately, I do not think this man is still with us. I think he is dead and has been buried or hidden somewhere. Here are my reasons: 1. I don't think this guy has any connections to Sandy Hook any more than half the residents of Newtown. It's not that big of a place and seems kind of...
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    MO MO - St Louis, BlkFem 8-11, 54UFMO, in abandoned bldg, Feb'83

    I just emailed the case coordinator about Sherise being a match for this Jane Doe as she has not been listed as a rule out. She was kidnapped by a family member when she was one and an article I read said that neither her nor the family member had been seen again. However, the relatives name was...

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