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  1. Houston Mom

    TX TX - Jersey Village, WhtMale 30-40, UP733, hit by car, scars, clothes, cowboy boots, Nov'82

    On November 15, 1982 a white male was struck by an automobile and died in Jersey Village, Harris County Texas. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He is estimated to be 30-40 years old, 62-66" and 110-120 lbs. He sported a mustache and beard. He was wearing a long army jacket, cowboy boots...
  2. Houston Mom

    MN MN - St Paul, GRAPHIC, WhtMale 20-40, UP12123, frozen in vacant bldg, layers of clothing, Feb'85

    This gentleman was found frozen in an empty apartment on Feb 7, 1985 in Minnesota. He is described as a white male, 71" tall, 180 lbs, and has uniquely brown curly hair. He has a recognizable face.
  3. Houston Mom

    MD MD - Middletown, Appalachian Trail, WhtMale 55-80, UP2283, poss smoker, miscl items, clothes, Sep'78

    This well dress gentleman was found on Sept 5, 1978. He is described as 5'11", 200 lbs, with grey/black hair. He was found apparently on the Applachian Trail, but with dress pants and shoes would not have been a hiker. He wore distinctive glasses and cigarettes were found near by. Dentals...
  4. Houston Mom

    FL FL - Stanley Borofsky, 43, Fort Lauderdale, Nov 1977

    Stanley Borofsky called home a few day prior to Thanksgiving from Ft Lauderdale, Fl stating he would be coming home to Missouri. He never arrived. His daughter is now looking for answers and his profile is on NamUs...
  5. Houston Mom

    TX TX - Wharton Co, US 59, AsianMale 20-30, UP4183, hit by car, clothes, Sz 10 Trax shoes, Apr'87

    This young Asian male was struck by a vehicle and killed on April 10,1987 on US 59 in Wharton County Texas . He is described as being 5'7" and weighing 173 pounds. Estimated to be 20-30 years old, he had black hair and brown eyes. He had fillings in his molars, but no other scars or...
  6. Houston Mom

    Resolved NY - Batavia, Skeletal Remains UP12494, in basement, May'14 Ancient

    May 18, 2014 remains found in basement in Batavia, NY while resident was hospitalized. Little information given.
  7. Houston Mom

    FL FL - Fort Pierce, WhtMale UP1225, 20-45, GSW, cowboy boots, Oct'86

    White male found in Fort Piece, Fl on October 7, 1986. He was 6'1" and 170 lbs. His only description is dark brown hair. No DNA, dentals or fingerprints, but a recognizable face. It appears he was dressed nicely and had "$372.00 (seven $50.00 dollar bills) in pants pocket." Clothing...
  8. Houston Mom

    TX TX - Chambers Co, MP 798, WhtFem 20-30, UP7184, hit by car, denim shorts, wht blouse, Jul'80

    July 22, 1980 Chambers Co, TX auto pedestrian accident involving an unknown female. She is described as white, 5'3", weighing 103 lbs, with long dark brown hair. She was wearing blue jean shorts with a white blouse...
  9. Houston Mom

    MI MI - Elizabeth 'Connie' Converse, 49, Ann Arbor, Aug 1974

    Connie Converse, a highly intelligent and gifted songwriter of the 1950's packed her possessions in her VW beetle in August of 1974 and drove off never to be seen again. Frustrated that her music did not "fit" in the popular music of her time, facing a surgery (non malignant fibroid tumor), she...
  10. Houston Mom

    Match! TX - Houston, WhtFem UP4641, 20-30, hit & run, Mar'80 *Paulette Jaster*

    ModNote: I am copying these posts from the Paulette Jaster thread to the UID forum. Houston Mom submitted Paulette Jaster in comparison to a Jane Doe hit by a car in Harris County Texas. The match was subsequently confirmed. CONGRATS HOUSTON MOM!!! :fireworks: _______...
  11. Houston Mom

    UNSOLVED TX - Houston, Female found burned at apt complex, Oct'13

    Another woman's body found burned in Houston!
  12. Houston Mom

    OK John Alva Porter (69), 8 April 1969

    It seems they now feel Nora Duncan and Porter are UID. Can't find any mention of Clayborn, "At the lake, Ervie Porter, the son of missing John Alva Porter, watched as investigators crawled around the cars. Now 85, the son suffers dementia and told KFOR that seeing what could be his father's...
  13. Houston Mom

    OK OK - Nora Duncan (58), Canute, 8 April 1969

    NORA DUNCAN went missing in Canute in a 1953 Chevey that needed pushed to get started:
  14. Houston Mom

    TX TX - Nueces Co, Mustang Island SP, Wht/HispMale 15-23, UP3976, Silver medallion, clothes, Mar'90

    (Mod Note: These posts (#1 & #2) were made off-topic on a different thread, so this thread was created, and they were moved to this thread.) Ran across this unknown man found March 16,1990 on a TX beach. Could this be Ruben...