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    Croatia (Yugoslavia) - Boban Tosic, 29, Karlovac, 1 Apr 1993

    His Doe Network page: The Doe Network: Case File 1407DMHRV Tosic, circa 1993 Boban Tosic Missing since April 1, 1993 from Karlovac, Croatia. Classification: Missing Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: October 6, 1964 Age at Time of Disappearance: 29 years old Height and Weight at Time of...
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    CANADA Canada - QC, Montréal, WhtMale, 40-60, 3447UMQC, german, "Bruno Slezak Josef", Feb 1995

    Doe Network file (updated on Aug 23th 2020): 3447UMQC 3447UMQC - Unidentified Male Date of Discovery: February 2, 1995 Location of Discovery: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Estimated Date of Death: Unknown State of Remains: Unknown Cause of Death: Unknown Physical Description Estimated Age...
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    Elements in UID's description suggesting a rare disease & linking a YT video of patient's vlog

    Hello, in a UID thread, a few elements scream "LOOKS LIKE UID HAD A RARE DISEASE!" I wanted to post a vlog from a patient suffering from complications stemming to the rare disease she has been dx with, especially the dental ones stemming from the digestive complications. Of course, not all...
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    Mapping finesse for JDs & MP matching

    Hi, As I said in this post UK - UK - Manchester, 'Angel of the Meadow' WhtFem Skeletal, 16-30, buried, Jan'10 I found that for European distances between a JD & MP, Google Maps is way too inaccurate in my experience. I had so many bad surprises with Google Maps in Europe, especially in France...
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    "Holland" tag needs a fix ASAP

    Good morning, The tag "Holland" as a country is so inaccurate it makes European readers cringe :eek: Holland is a region. See map: Provinces of the Netherlands - Wikipedia (I know, I know) Since your TOS stress about accuracy so much, I hereby ask you to follow your own accuracy standards...
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    CANADA Canada - QC, Montreal, WhtFem, 50-70yo, "Madame Victoria"

    The Doe Network: Case File 206UFQC The Doe Network: Case File 206UFQC Reconstruction of Victim by Michel Fournier Unidentified White Female Located on June 13, 2001 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Skeletal Remains Vital Statistics Estimated age: 50 - 70 years old Approximate Height and...