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    Deceased/Not Found MD - Heather Grogg, 33, & Danielle Tyler, 18, Carroll Co, 6 Apr 2020 *arrest*

    MM was raised in a very good home. His parents are very nice. He has siblings and he is the one that just didn't turn out "right" something about him. However, his family are really the nicest people. I've known them my whole life. My parents are very close to them as well. We have had parties...
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    MD MD - Grace 'Gay' Montanye, 16, Baltimore, 29 Sept 1971

    My father went to school with Gay. I often think of her. I wish her murder would be solved.
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    Found Deceased MD - Kristin Spurrier, 25, Westminster, 4 Feb 2017

    I just looked at her FB, we have lots of mutual friends, most are my family so I will be making phon calls. Oh, I know the guy she has listed in a relationship with, he's my age, pretty sure he's like 15-20 years older than her.
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    Found Deceased MD - Kristin Spurrier, 25, Westminster, 4 Feb 2017

    I grew up in Owings Mills, then moved to Carroll County. My parents and lots of family still live there. Small town, this story is very quiet & not getting much news here. I'm worried, where is she? I will have to all my youngest brother to ask around, he's a bar tender in carroll county & a...
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    New Pics Of KC Halloween Party

    Casey is one classy chick.:rolleyes:
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    Nancy Grace On The View Today

    Glad I TIVO'd it . DS is off School today and is hogging it with cartoons.
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    John Tavolta's son Jett dies at age 16

    I just seen a ticker across Nancy Grace that the Travoltas are going to be interviewed by the police in an investigation into the Death. I feel really bad for them, I dont think they did anything that would harm their child and they did what they thought was best.
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    Tom Cruise is a nutjob!!!

    I was watching Top Gun tonight, LOVED him in that. He totally has some marbles loose though, and katie, I mean kate :) looks like she has aged so much since with him. She looks like Jackie O.
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    1950s pinup model Bettie Page dies in LA at 85

    I liked the movie that was made about her with Gretchen Mol, it showed her whole life. What an Icon she was. RIP Betty!
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    Christmas Show Actress Falls to Her Death

    I read this, how sad. Poor thing.
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    Is Rudolph Male Or Female?

    Rudolph is a boy. DH and I were talking about this the other day, lol...
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    Casey's Baby Photos

    Caylee was much cuter. Poor thing. I cant help but think about her with the Holidays coming up and how she should be alive.
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    Obama's grandmother dies

    I am sorry for his loss, very sad.
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    Guns N' Roses to finally release `Democracy' album

    I LOVE G&R! I will definately buy it.
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    Casey A wants to Travel to look for Caylee

    I agree, if she goes by herself who knows what she will do.
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    Off topic...bracelets?

    You are Welcome. I would get one if they had them.
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    Off topic...bracelets?

    I have not seen any.