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    OR-Mount Hood couple murdered at shooting range 08/12/19

    Sheriff's Office investigates murder of couple found in Mt. Hood National Forest Sheriff's Office investigates murder of couple found in Mt. Hood National Forest Very little info since...
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    TN/MS - Brenda Pinter, 69, & Heather Robinson, 30, slain, 23-24 Feb 2017 *Arrest*
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    Identified! FL - Fort Lauderdale, male body parts in barrel, Nov'10 - Warren Danzig

    Because I live in FL, I guess I am amazed that this kind of crap goes on here. Police released a photo of New Balance tennis shoes, after someone discovered the remains in a barrel, and tethered them to a dock. Only later, did they check the contents, and become concered. Found in a canal...
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    GUILTY GA - Bobby Tillman, 18, beaten to death at Douglasville party, 7 Nov 2010

    On Saturday night, a girl was giving a small party in her middle-class neighborhood. It quickly turned into a larger party, via texts and such, and the parents asked them to leave. Once outside, a girl slapped a guy. He said he couldn't hit a girl, but would attack the next dude he saw. 4...
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    GUILTY FL - Virginia 'Jinny' Varnum, 44, stabbed to death, Lakeland, 12 Oct 2010

    Lakeland Florida The remains were found in a private wooded area near a business.
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    GUILTY AL - Angela Lavender, 46, murdered in her Tuscaloosa home, 26 Oct 2010

    Breaking news, at an apartment complex. (Their headlines say "alleged" rape, but I think not!)
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    Paradise Lost Oil Spill/ BP sucks local info

    Starting this because I live at the beach in Destin, Florida. We are on the beach daily, and today we noticed the first signs of this tragic oil spill. As soon as I can, I will upload some photos, but I don't know how yet. Anyway, the once beautiful white sands, are now littered with black...
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    Identified! AL - Calhoun Co., Body Found in Ohatchee Creek, Mar'10 - Melody Evans

    Police aren't sure yet if it's male or female. However, they are looking into the cases of three missing women from the area. I just can't get the link to work. Thanks babydust for providing one in the following post.
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    AL AL - Kelley Henderson Howard, 41, Pell City, 2 June 2009

    This dental hygienist has been missing since June 2, 2009. Her husband reported her missing then. A search was conducted in a wooded area behind the dental practice where she was last seen. Will try to find a link.
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    GUILTY OH - Esme Kenney, 13, Cincinnati, 7 March 2009

    Not sounding good. This pretty young girl went for a jog and was last seen yesterday afternoon. An amber alert was issued, but has since been cancelled. A body was found near where the girl went jogging. Oh my, this story is breaking rather quickly. Police believe it is her body, and have...
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    AL - James Callahan executed for '82 murder of Rebecca Howell

    I know this family, and the devastation it left. The horror, in a small town, with the murder of a beautiful, bright young woman, NEVER will make sense. I am relieved to announce the killer finally is put to death. This article does not do the family justice. Still, it is available to let...
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    Identified! TX - Bexar Co., skeletal remains in 55-gal drum, Dec'08 - Amanda Carmona

    Bexar County A man walking a dog in a county park, found skeletal remains in a barrel.
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    GUILTY FL - Darren Kelley, 23, Santa Rosa County, 27 May 1995

    Darren Kelley's remains have been found after 13 years. His wife has been charged with his murder. His mother said, "If you love your children, not even God can stop a mother from looking." Now she looks forward to the trial, but will have to wait, as the man's widow resisted arrest, and is...
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    GUILTY PA - Joshua Yevak, 19, & Cayla Turner, 17, murdered, Pottsville, 4 March 2008

    19 yo Joshua Yevakm and is 17 yo girlfriend were found yesterday in the basement of a neighbor. They both had been shot to death. The neighbor has been arrested, and said he covered them with a blanket, so he wouldn't have to look at their bodies while he did laundry. Unreal 53 yo man is...
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    TX TX - Houston, WhtMale 13-15, UP4543, 'Jericho Surf Shop' TShirt, pocket watch, Sep'71

    Please read, interesting article. Cops seek leads
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    Remains Are That of John Bryant *merged threads*

    An outsdoorsman has found skeletal remains in the Nantahala National Forest. Police are treating it as a homicide. They refuse to comment on whether or not there is a connection to serial killer Hilton. A bit more at link...
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    GUILTY MD - Cockeysville teen charged in murders of parents, two brothers

    Maryland A 15 year old boy is being charged as an adult for the murder of his parents, ages 45, and 44, and his two brothers, ages 13, and 11. He apparently got into an argument with his father, who happened to be a local attorney, and boy scout leader. He then shot them all on Friday...
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    GUILTY PA - Deanna Null, 36, found dismembered, Monroe County, 18 Jan 2008

    A woman's remains were found in garbage bags along two interstates.
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    I'm Angry: victim's mom, perp's wife

    I'm more than angry, I'm furious. This murder Victim's mother, and I use that term loosely, disgusts me. She never really defends her daughter, and almost seems relieved, to not have her/grandchild... per her multiple media interviews. She sickens me! Ok I got started, the perp's wife...
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    GUILTY MI - Cynthia Zarzycki, 13, Eastpointe, 20 April 1986

    A man has been charged with murder, even though her body has not been found. She was last seen getting an ice cream cone.