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    Actor Morgan Freeman in an Accident I Hope he is ok.
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    Andy Dick Arrested...

    What a creep.,,20212849,00.html
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    The Dog is back on Air!
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    Denise and Charlie Again!

    Denise says the gloves are off! I guess she is tired and wants to start airing some more dirty laundry, again.
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    Susan Atkins wants out of jail to die...

    Well boo-freaking-hoo. She wants a "Compassionate Release". I say let her sit in jail. Where was her compassion on Sharon Tate?
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    Tommy Lee and Pam again!

    Geeze why dont these two just stay together for crying out loud! They are so back and forth. I hope it works this time.
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    Tatum O'Neil busted for Crack,,20203633,00.html
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    Jon Benets Mother

    The Tragedy and the Truth. Has anyone read this book? I had never seen it and got it on Ebay for $8, I seen it on Barnes and Noble from $50-$250!
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    Man Buckles up beer, Not Child!

    What Idiots
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    TomKat Splits??? Dont know how true...:confused:
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    Robert Downey Jr on SJP

    I forgot that they dated for a long time. He seems to have gotten his act together, my son and DH cannot wait to see IRONMAN May 2nd!,,20191936,00.html
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    Nicole and Keith expecting! I am so happy for them, I hope everything goes great!
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    Rosie and her dressed up daughter's pic....,2933,286835,00.html Maybe rosie was just dressing her up? I dont know, the news seems to think it was for attention???
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    katie holmes...Did anyone notice

    How freaking thin she is, she looks like a statue in this pic....,,20042355_4,00.html
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    american idol winner...

    Another Idol....:woohoo:Sorry I spoiled it for Jbean.
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    Dirty Dancing 20 Years..... I love this movie. Did anyone go to the movies to see the Re-Release? I did not but I watch it whenever its on and its been on for a month now! I cant believe its been 20 years. I was 12 when it came out. Man I feel old.
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    "A Christmas Story" Director and son killed.. How sad, we love this movie and watch it practically a hundred times every year.
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    Jessica Simpson...

    It seems like more and more celebs are trying to help out those who have much less...,,20016052,00.html I guess every little bit helps.
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    Comedian shoots himself....

    Very sad. So young.
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    Britney tries to kill herself!

    This poor girl, I am feeling bad for her these days. Sorry if it has been posted....