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    FL FL - Tampa, WhtMale 50-80, UP9822, Wooded Area Prev Homeless Camp, Nov'11

    "1699UMFL discovered on November 7, 2011 in Tampa, Florida has been identified per NamUs. No further information is available."
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    NY NY - Manhattan, East River, WhtFem 12-18, 201UFNY, Skunkjam/Perfect Thyroid T-shirt, May'00

    Doe Network: "201UFNY discovered on May 6, 2000 in New York City, New York has been identified per NamUs. No further information is available."
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    VA VA - York, BlkFem 19-24, 619UFVA, Clothing, Jewelry, No Skull, Feb '91

    Doe Network: "619UFVA discovered on February 2, 1991 in York County, Virginia has been identified per NamUs. No further information is available."
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    NV NV- Clark Co, WhtFem, 50-80, possible homeless, 'Linda' written in her clothes, rail tickets. March 2017.

    A few initial thoughts: 1. MBTA is in the Boston Area. If she had traveled to Las Vegas and bothered to keep her MBTA ticket, you'd think she'd have a bus or plane ticket bringing her to Vegas as well. 2. The fact the name "LINDA" was written on more than one piece of clothing makes me think...
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    Identified! NY - Manhattan, 'Midtown Jane Doe', WhtFem 16-21, 337UFNY, under concrete, ring w/ 'P McG', Feb'03 Patricia McGlone

    I'm so glad Patricia has been identified. Have there been any photos of her released? Edit: This would be a starting point to finding a middle school photo of her. Though middle school yearbooks are less common to find uploaded than high school ones: "She went to Charles Dewey Middle School in...
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    MS MS- Pearl, UID partial skeletal remains, #UP111125, 1999, - John “Johnny” Edward Billingsley

    It seems weird he would be declared deceased as just "J E Billingsley". Maybe it's just a clerical thing?
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    FL FL - 'Fort Myers 8' (1 now UID) WhtMales Buried in Woods, Mar'07

    "3303UMFL discovered on January 6, 2002 has been identified per NamUs. No further information is available." This leaves only one of the Fort Myers 8 unidentified: 1036UMFL Edit: Evidently 3303UMFL isn't one of the 8, but another murder victim found earlier than the rest (2002 instead of...
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    Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

    This person has been identified as David Lee Cameron according to Doe Network: "621UMCA discovered on October 14, 2003 in San Francisco, California has been identified as David Lee Cameron per NamUs. No further information is available."
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    Identified! TX - Smith Co, off I-20, WhtFem 20-32, 77UFTX, shirt w/ 'Top Rail Country Music, Dallas, TX', Oct'85 - Sindy Gina Crow

    The one mention of a wife (or any relationship with a woman) I found in this compilation of information about Larry Keith Robison was this: "He worked briefly as a wallboard hanger and got married, but the relationship only lasted a few weeks"
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    CA CA - Brian Keith Montel, 22, Fresno, 21 March 1986

    His case was closed on Doe Network: "Brian Keith Montel (613DMCA) missing since March 21, 1986. His case was closed per NamUs. No further information is available."
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    IL IL - Chicago, BlkMale, #UPUP118574, 15-19, in vacant lot where factory had previously been located, Florida A&M University shirt, Nov '95

    A new (page created March 21, 2024) UID added to Namus, this one got my attention to the young age of the unidentified. -Unknown height, unknown weight, no estimated date of death -Found November 5th, 1995. - "adolescent" black...
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    Identified! FL- Sawgrass Mills shopping center, human remains found in white ‘83 Oldsmobile, submerged in 24ft deep retention pond, 6 Jan. 2024 - Kareem D Tisdale

    Tisdale's Charley Project page was updated to "resolved" yesterday: "Tisdale disappeared from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 16, 2005. In January 2024, his remains were found inside a white 1980s model Oldsmobile submerged in 25 feet of water in a retention pond outside the Sawgrass Mills...
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    IN IN - Brooke Elaine Hill, 16, Putnamville District 53, 06/05/1997

    I wasn't able to find anything else either. There's definitely more to this story. Why nothing in local newspapers?
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    WA WA - Sue Ellen Walker, 32, Seattle, 13 March 1992

    This isn't much, but I found an obscure youtube video with just 15 views when googling "Sue Ellen Groger" and the only comment is from an account named @michelle5812: "Good afternoon. My husband is Sue’s son. Mary Bess Evans was Sue’s mother. Grant Evans was Sue’s brother. We do not know if she...
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    AZ AZ - Florence Junction, WhtFem UP7209, 1131UFAZ, "Clandestine Grave Jane Doe," Jun'88

    The second scenario you mentioned often happens when the family or other caretakers want to keep receiving the deceased's Social Security checks.
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    NC NC - Johnnie Rankins, 48, Grover Cecil, 47, Joyce Reason, 36, Be-Lo murders, Windsor, 6 June 1993

    Bradley could not have done it because he was in prison in 1993, when the Be-Lo murders happened.
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    Cold Case Websites

    NC State Bureau of Investigations - Unsolved Homicides
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    NC NC - Ollie Ledbetter, 66 & Archie Kellam, 63, stabbed and killed in separate convenience store robberies, Oak Ridge, 23 March 1983

    "In 2021, the population of Oak Ridge, North Carolina, was 7,595. In 1983, it was significantly less. On March 23, 1983, every person within the town limits was dumbfounded when two people were brutally stabbed to death within minutes and miles of each other. Today, 40 years later, their...
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    FL FL - Christmas, WhtFem 259UFFL, 24-29, incomplete braces removal, Dec'03

    Doe Network: "259UFFL discovered on December 29, 2003 in Christmas, Florida has been identified per NamUs. No further information is available."

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