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    Dr. Phil Thursday, Dec. 18-Are They Caylee's Remains?

    I just saw the previews for tomorrow's show. It says that Dr. Phil talks to the man that was with Casey before her first arrest. It shows a man that I've never seen before... he looks to be 40ish, sort of tall, and balding.:confused: Who is he??? And also, a discussion on last Thursday's find...
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    Geraldo Show at 10PM 9/7/2008

    Geraldo At Large coming on in a few minutes on FOX. Will he be discussing Caylee? The calling off of searches?
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    Words of Encouragement For Law Enforcement

    Personally, I believe that LE is doing a fantastic job in this case. They are taking their time, not rushing to judgement, careful of statements made, etc. They know alot, a whole lot more, and are keeping the info to themselves until it is verifiable and Anthony-proofed! I just thought that...
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    Sen. Ted Kennedy has Brain Tumor UPDATE PASSED AWAY Now an explanation for the seizure activity on Saturday. I am so sorry for this for him. the Kennedy's have certainly had more than their share of hardships. Not of the monetary type, but of all else. Prayers for Senator...
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    Hilton's Missing Van found in Georgia Metal Scrap Yard Hopefully, now many questions will be answered from the contents found inside this 2nd van!!!
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    TN TN - Harold Bolick, 75, Morristown, 7 March 2007

    Police are investigating the murder of Harold D. Bolick, 75. Investigators say his body was found by fishermen on Wednesday. He may be the victim of a carjacking... Has anyone heard anything on this case? This man is related to me, a cousin. Any sleuths have information, it will...