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  1. Rayemonde

    UK - remains of boy who went missing 11 years ago found in shed
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    Found Deceased Morocco - Connor Jarvis, 19, UK man in Atlas Mtns, May 2016
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    Man shoots pastor for being amphibian from Mars. Idaho, 2016

    Very sad, sounds like the suspected shooter has a serious mental illness. If he really believes what he says, he will have good grounds for an insanity defence. His delusions remind me of a movie, They Live. They also sound very similar to David Ike's "reptilian" conspiracy theories. Just...
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    MD MD - Garnell Moore, 7, Baltimore, Aug 2002

    I stumbled across Garnell's case, and can't believe we don't have a discussion thread for him already! In June 2005 Garnell's extended family realized that none of them had seen him for a long time, so they asked Belinda Cash where he was. Belinda Cash is Garnell's paternal aunt, and she had...
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    IN - Jeremy Schwer molests 6-year-old who has cancer, 2016

    :furious: :furious: :furious: No words. Jeremy Schwer, child molester and registered sex offender
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    GUILTY Parents who killed their child and then covered it up

    I was unable to find a list anywhere of parents who killed their child and then covered it up by saying the child had gone missing or been abducted, so I've started my own. There are many, many more children still to add to this list :( Please feel free to help me out by doing a brief write-up...
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    Canada - Cynara Ali, 16, disabled, found dead, Toronto, 19 Feb 2011

    Cindy Ali called 911 in February 2011 and claimed that two men wearing balaclavas had broken into her home and killed her daughter Cynara Ali, who was 16 years old and suffered from cerebral palsy...
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    Ireland - Dogs seized from horrendous conditions in N.W. Cork Feb 2016

    I don't think the names of the person or people responsible for this have been released yet. I will name and shame them once they are released. WARNING - I'M POSTING GRAPHIC PHOTOS...
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    TX - Brent Justice and Ashley Richards tortured pets for "crush" vids.

    Brent Justice is currently on trial for this crime. He filmed Ashley Richards torturing animals (cats and dogs) to death for sadistic sexual fetish videos, which they sold. They were arrested in 2012. Warning - horrific graphic details at link...
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    UK - Reward for identity of the Croydon Cat Ripper. Jan 2016.
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    GUILTY IL - Prince Richard for serial rapes, Chicago, 2005

    The serial rapist was caught, too... November 2005:
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    UK - Poppi Worthington, 13 mos, dies with suspicious injuries, Barrow, 12 Dec 2012
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    WI - Waukesha man charged with two heroin OD deaths

    July 2011:
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    GUILTY IL - Jessica Wisinski for critically injuring baby son, Carpentersville, 18 Oct 2003

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    GA - Ciara Campbell, 24 days, beaten to death, Woodstock, 13 Dec 2015 *Arrests*

    Alyssa Kincaid and her boyfriend Nicholas Campbell, and baby Ciara.
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    GA - Jonathan Sturdy, 2, found dead in canal, Walthourville, 14 Jan 2012

    January 2016:
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    Colin Bradish, stalked woman he met online. UK

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    GUILTY CA - Michael Norris for child sexual abuse, Carpinteria, 2012

    February 2014:
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    TX - Anna Gonzalez, 4, dies of head trauma, Fort Worth, 14 Oct 1991

    November 2014: Fort Worth police cracked a murder case more than two decades old this week when they arrested Juanita Gonzalez, 48, for the death of her stepdaughter. Police re-opened the investigation into the 1991 death of 4-year-old Anna Gonzalez after a relative inquired about her death...
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    Mystery of "happy" young couple who walked into traffic and were killed

    England. An apparently happy young couple, due to be married... What went wrong?? And inquest into their July 2014 death is struggling to find answers...