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  1. SapphireSteel

    Australia - Senior Police Officer charged with 2014 Murder of his baby son

    I just cannot believe this Allegedly investigated by the Sex Crimes Unit. :(
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    Australia Australia - Is there a serial killer active in Melbourne's South East?

    It seems to have eluded the media so far, but there has been an alarming spate of single white females killed in or near their own homes in the South East of Melbourne. Almost all lived alone, and most were attacked in their homes with no sign of forced entry. No POI's or witnesses, and small...
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    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Good old Andy Redmond of Scotland Yard. Here's what he has said in the runup to the Crimewatch episode, tonight. "Our work to date has significantly changed the timeline and the accepted version of events that has been in the public domain to date." Why has the timeline changed...
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    Australia - Amazing Photo of Officer calm in the face of danger

    This is an amazing photograph. Some guy went crazy in Brisbane CBD yesterday and shut the city centre down for hours. The officer pictured had been standing there for a while and knew the guy had a gun. I'd really like this guy around in a crisis! Going about his duties in such a no-fuss...
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    Thirsty Koala stalks walker

    This happened just down the road from me. We tend to forget that our wildlife needs water too. This brave little koala climbed down from her tree and followed the human with the water bottle down a suburban street until she'd drank 3 of them, then she tried to get into her car as well...
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    The Vanishing Libel Case

    This case is no longer about Madeleine, if in fact it ever really was. Now hopefully the performance is drawing to an end. The final acts of the farce are unwinding in front of our eyes. In five short months Team McCann has gone from a continued, intense attack against Goncalo Amaral...
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    Alex Hunter didn't prosecute because he was scared of being embarrassed if he lost.

    A new article in the Daily Mail today spells out quite clearly why the Ramseys were never indicted, according to the author who co-wrote a book with Detective Steve Thomas. Hunter was known amongst legal circles as "Mr Plea Bargain" and simply didn't have the stomach or the courage for such a...
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    Cat saves baby from 7ft python's grip

    A brave cat saved a 5 month old baby from a python's grasp, by hissing and waking her mother. A MOTHER woke to find a 1.85m-long python wrapped around her two-year-old daughter yesterday morning. Tess Guthrie, 22, from Lismore on the far north coast, was woken by her cat hissing at 3.30am...
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    Guess what mum found in Kyle's wardrobe... seven deadly eastern brown snakes!

    Three year old animal lover and Bear Gyrlls fan Kyle Sim hatched a clutch of deadly poisonous snakes in his wardrobe! He was very disappointed when his mother forced him to give up his nest of extremely lethal Eastern Brown baby snakes. An extremely cute picture of one sad Kyle, and a not...
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    The Resistance...I get it.

    I believe the McCanns are involved in their daughter's death and/or disappearance. The evidence is just too compelling to think otherwise, in my view. Even feeling as I do, I watched a video of them speaking and I believed them...or should I say, I experienced the overwhelming desire to...
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    Sleuthing Madeleine's disappearance.

    I believe that the evidence indicates parental guilt and a cover up. Please note this is my belief and opinion and as such does not require a link. For those who believe the McCanns to be 100% innocent - How do you explain the cadaver scent? How do you explain Kate refusing to answer...