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    CA CA - Montebello, Wht/HispFem Skeletal UP11623, 35-55, off bike path, Jul'13

    at the request of a newcomer, I am starting this thread. not a whole lot of information on the remains, e.g. gender, estimated date of death, demographics, etc.
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    Resolved NJ - Franklin, Skeletal Remains UP10717, 18-99, at Consolata Missionaries, Sep'12 - n/a

    I'm going to go out on a major limb here. last month a skull of an African American male was found on the property of Consolata Missionaries 2301 Route 27 Franklin, New Jersey they estimated the skull had been there about 2 yrs. the skull had all of 2 teeth left...
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    OK OK - Geary/El Reno, Wht/Ntv/HispFem 25-45, UP6554, off Rte 66, clothes, filigree heart ring, Jan'90

    there is a UID found in Canadian County, OK on January 5, 1990. the UID was described as a white woman, estimated to be around 5'5" and between the ages of 30-50. had "dark" hair and possibly some Native American mixture. she was also noted to have had no upper teeth and possible...
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    WA WA - Spanaway, AsianFem 22-32, UP5673, found by dog, clothes, green Tommy Hilfiger shoe, Feb'03

    there is a UID found in Feb 2003 in Pierce County, WA. deceased was an Asian female, estimated to be 5'0", between 22-32 y.o. estimated date of death was any time between 1998-2002. two rule outs: Nguyet Nguyen 1965 Washington Misty Thompson 1978 Washington...
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    NC NC - Sherrill's Ford, Lake Norman, UncFem 30-50, UP2818, gold chain w/pearl beads, hairband, Jul'97

    found this UID at Namus. Asian female, 30-50, 5'3" 80 lbs found on July 24, 1997 in Lake Norman, NC. black hair with some gray. DNA and dentals available. Doe has age range at 30-40 and possible Asian ancestry. per Doe estimated date of death...
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    Identified! CA - San Mateo, WhtMale UP10424, 60-75, on motorized scooter, Jun'12 *ROBERT DOUGLAS*

    saw this on Namus today. I find it hard to believe they cannot identify this guy. a senior citizen, riding a motorized scooter and hit by a train. in his possession was a cell phone. in many places even bicycles are registered so does anyone in CA know if a motorized scooter being driven...
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    KY KY - Wickliffe, MS River, WhtMale 45-65, UP5270, scars, Sz11W Clark's shoes, jeans, May'09

    I did not see a thread for this UID. White male, 45-65, 6'2", 230 lbs found floating in the Mississippi River near the town of Wickliffe KY. body had been in the water for "months" supposedly. hair was described as salt and pepper with male pattern baldness, with a salt and pepper beard...
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    Identified! CA - Los Angeles County, WhtMale, 14-16, Apr'84 - Name withheld

    this UID caught my attention for a few reasons. was supposedly only 14-16 y.o. and 6'0" tall and 142 lbs. found on April 3, 1984. white male found in Los Angeles County with brown hair and blue eyes. nearly perfect teeth. not much else in terms of circumstances...
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    UT UT - Beaver, AsianMale 39-60, UP8174, camo jacket, steel-toe boots, Apr'04

    here is a UID found in UT in April 2004. stated demographic is Asian male, 39-60, 5'6", black hair, undetermined weight. of interest was his clothing which included "camouflage-patterned jacket with military insignias on both upper arms." he was estimated to have died any time between...
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    TX TX - Dallas, I-30, BlkMale 18-99, UP9341, on mattress under bridge, clothes, Mar'11

    this UID just was entered into Namus. the deceased was found on March 22, 2011 near a highway in Dallas. they do not estimate age other than to say he was an adult. he was 5'7" and supposedly 83 lbs. must not have been his living weight. of note he had black head and body hair and a...
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    NY NY - New York, Hudson River @ 4th St pier, WhtMale 25-60, UP9281, scars, pants, socks, loafer May'88

    this UID just showed up on Namus. the deceased was found in the Hudson River (actually on the NJ side in Hoboken but was brought across the river) on May 20, 1988. He was said to have been deceased for "weeks". the UID was estimated to be between 25-60 y.o., 5'3" and 170 lbs, with dark...
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    UT UT - Bear River City, WhtMale 20-40, UP9221, On Bank of Canal, red/auburn hair, Jun'81

    here is a UID who just was entered into Namus. He was a WM, 20-40, 5'8", 177 lbs, red/auburn hair with brownish sideburns, green eyes, found dead in a canal in Box Elder County, UT on June 15, 1981. not clear how red the hair was as opposed to brown. they say they have photos but same have...
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    PA PA - Sugarloaf Twp, WhtFem 34-47, 127UFPA, problem w/left knee, poss limp, Dec'94

    found this UID which was entered into Namus today, although it looks like she was in the Doe Network already. I did not see this UID on WS. skeletal remains of a white woman, age 34-47 were found on Dec 20, 1994, in Sugarloaf Twp., Luzerne County, PA. body appears to have been dumped on the...
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    Identified! MN - Isanti, WhtMale 20-28, UP8832, watch, blanket material, Aug'03 - Donald Rindahl

    the skeletal remains of a white male age 20-28 were found on Aug 17, 2003 in Isanti, MN. The UID was estimated to be 5'10". only skeletal finding was a prior healed fractured rib. UID was estimated to have been dead for 2 years.
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    NJ NJ - Camden, Cooper River, WhtMale 24-35, UP15642, blue coveralls, cocaine use, 2 sweatshirts Dec'99

    I did not find this UID at Namus although he appears in both Doe Network and the NJ State Police website for unidentified remains. Per Doe, the UID is a WM, 5'8", 113 lbs, wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes, no identifying marks, and there was cocaine in his system when he was found dead in a...
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    FL FL - Kendale Lakes, WhtFem 30-50, UP6511, near horse skeleton, wore dentures, wig, clothes, July'73

    On July 13, 1973 the skeletal remains of a WF with possible mixed African American ancestry was found in a field. as per Namus she was estimated to be between 55-65 y.o., 5'4" and 115 lbs. no date of death is estimated. dental information is blank. there was no hair color noted but she was...
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    Identified! WV - Hancock Co., WhtMale UP6065, 50-70, in Ohio River, Mar'08 - Name withheld

    found this UID at Namus. found in the Ohio River on March 7, 2008. white male, estimated between 50-70 y.o., 5'11" and 219 lbs. stated to have gray hair with gray beard and brown eyes. nothing noteworthy as to physical characteristics. only one rule-out listed...
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    Presumed Located CA - San Francisco, WhtMale UP7321, 45-55, in Lake Merced, Mar'09

    I did not see a thread for this UID who was found on March 14, 2009. As per Namus, a "Caucasian appearing male found floating in Lake Merced (San Francisco) entangled in reeds approximately 15 feet from open water and 30 feet from shore line, on east side of lake near Lake Merced Blvd. and...
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    PA PA - Perry Twp, Schuylkill River, WhtMale 25-45, UP994, pierced ear, Brahma boots, Jun'03

    I found this UID that does not appear to have a thread of his own. On June 25, 2003 a white male was found in the Schuylkill River in Perry Twp., Berks County, PA. he was estimated to be between 25-45 y.o., about 5'10" and 160 lbs with reddish brown hair. the Namus link has an excellent...