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    GUILTY WI - Alexander Woodworth, State vs McCandless

    He mentioned learning of something surprising. What could that have been? Did her mother say she (Ezra) was abused, sexually?
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    GUILTY WI - Alexander Woodworth, State vs McCandless

    I missed it and am not able to rewind (I get CourtTV via antenna). What did he say? (Has she been writing to him, from behind bars?) ETA: Her hair is super greasy. Or, is it gel?
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    GUILTY WI - Alexander Woodworth, State vs McCandless

    Did Mr. Sipple speak at her sentencing?
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    TX TX - Samantha Broberg, 33, missing from Carnival cruise ship, 13 May 2016

    My niece is a close friend of Samantha's. I've been following this horrible accident, through my niece's (she has been feeling very sad and helpless) posts on her own FB. I will msg her now, and invite her here. Be nice, please. Remember, there are real people with real feelings, attached to...
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    Canada - Ezekiel Stephan, 19 mos, dies of meningitis, 13 March 2012

    I also had meningitis, as a child. Being in the fourth grade at the time, I was old enough to remember the majority of the experience. It was very painful and very quickly debilitating. That poor baby! Not sure about current times, but back then (early 80s), it was diagnosed via spinal tap...
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    Prosecutor Juan Martinez releases new book, February 2016 - #1

    Well, as long we're not landing under the Christmas tree!
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    Prosecutor Juan Martinez releases new book, February 2016 - #1

    Does anyone know what time pre-orders will be released? Like, if ordered from Audible and given Feb 16th as delivery date, should I expect it to be delivered at midnight?
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    KY - Gabriella Doolin, 7, Allen County, 14 Nov 2015 #1 *Arrest*

    We still have it here, in Milwaukee. Every night @10pm, "It's 10 o'clock. Parents, do you know where your children are?" Then, comes the 10 o'clock news. (I live in a suburb, outside Milwukee). I've been watching this case, as I'm a cheer mom (previously football mom) and we literally...
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    GUILTY TX - Zoe Hastings, 18, abducted & murdered, Dallas, 11 Oct 2015

    The guy that was flagged down was driving his daughter to school. Apparently, his daughter was Zoe's friend. Just strange coincidence is all. :thinking::thinking:
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    GUILTY TX - Zoe Hastings, 18, abducted & murdered, Dallas, 11 Oct 2015

    from The woman next to the white minivan was his daughter’s friend, 18-year-old Zoe Hastings. The teen’s parents reported Hastings as missing when she never showed up to a...
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    GUILTY TX - Zoe Hastings, 18, abducted & murdered, Dallas, 11 Oct 2015

    So, some random guy flags down a motorist and tells him there is an injured girl that needs help and then the guy just disappears? ""She's just a great young lady. Very involved in the arts, helpful in the school. Just a shame. A huge loss," said Joe Noriega. Just to be sure I understand...
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    OR - Nine killed in Umpqua Community College shooting, Roseburg, 1 Oct 2015 - #1

    Gitana, I agree with your assertion about our media. I was just recently, in light of the recent anniversary of Princess Diana's death, discussing the same with my husband. Princess Di's death was one of those, "remember what you were doing, when.. ", moments for me. I remember it, clear...
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    GUILTY Denmark - Tina Romer Holtegaard, 40, brutally murdered, Kvissel, 8 Oct 2014

    I hope we (U.S.) are ready for this. Do we even have any security measures in place, for accepting the thousands of refugees from Syria and other ISIS controlled territories? Will we, the People, be in the dark with regards to how many, and whom we accept as refugees? Unfortunately, I believe...
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    DC - Savvas Savopoulos, family & Veralicia Figueroa murdered; Daron Wint Arrested #3

    We should send Domino's pizza to the DC police dept. I'll chip in $20.
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    Condolences Thread for Det Flores & Family on the Loss of Son, Antonio (15)

    I saw this last night, but couldn't find the words to post. I'm literally in tears, as I type this. I've been having issues with my teenage son and this just reminds me how truly precious life is; especially, the life we bring into or up into this world. I'm so sorry and offer my warmest and...
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    GUILTY Bali - Sheila von Wiese Mack, 62, found dead in suitcase, 12 Aug 2014 #3

    So by "parent's basic Social Security benefit" are they referring to the parent's monthly benefit amount? As in, the amount the parent would have received once they reach 65, or their predetermined retirement age? So, if a parent would have been eligible to receive $1850 per month at the age...
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    Ebola outbreak - general thread #3

    Snipped for relevancy. The news of the girls recovery got me thinking. Once someone has recovered from Ebola, does that make them immune to it?