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  1. terminatrixator

    The Fatal Flaw - The Eyes Have it

    Tonight on ABC a new series called 'The Fatal Flaw' - Season 1 - Episode 1 called on The Eyes Have It". I visited the Washington DC Temple recently and realize it's been 17 years since Janet was murdered. As her birthday just passed, I hope people remember to be kind, just the way Janet...
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    Extreme Measures Featuring The Murder Of Janet Christiansen (abaroa) By Raven Abaroa Peters

    Discovery ID apparently recently aired a new show called "Extreme Measures" regarding the murder of Janet Christiansen Abaroa and the subsequent arrest and trial of Raven Abaroa. Sister Act | Extreme Measures
  3. terminatrixator

    State of NC vs. Raven Abaroa

    State of North Carolina vs. Raven Abaroa Murder of Janet Abaroa Christiansen and her unborn child (Viewer discretion is advised) -- Warning do not allow minors to watch this! Prosecution Opening Statements Defense Opening Statements...
  4. terminatrixator

    Dateline NBC airing case of Murder of Janet Christiansen (Abaroa)

    Friday, April 25, 2014 Dateline NBC with Josh Mankiewicz will be airing a show regarding the Murder of Janet Marie Christiansen Abaora titled "Deadly Denial". It will be interesting after seeing ABC's 20/20 recently...
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    20/20 Episode Friday March 21, 2014

    On Friday, March 21, 2014 ABC's 20/20 Primetime Crime with John Quinones is doing a show about the murder of Janet Marie Christiansen and her unborn child committed by Raven Abaroa. They aired a show called "Murder Mystery: What Happened to Janet Abaroa?" in 2009. This will be a follow-up to...
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    Transfer of Raven from Jail to Prison On March 12, 2014 Raven signed a plea deal. He spent a little less than 1500 days in Durham County Jail. I...
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    Trial - 8 Year Anniv. National Crime Victims Rights Week

    I think it is very fitting that the trial of Raven Abaroa for the murder of Janet and her unborn child is starting on April 22, 2013 during National Crime Victims' Rights Week. Knowing that 8 years after her brutal murder, he will be facing a jury of his peers and he'll still be behind bars, in...
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    Happy Birthday in Heaven

    Another year, another Birthday missed. Happy Birthday in Heaven Janet. May this year be the last year that you and your unborn baby spend in heaven without receiving Justice. Please continue to look out for Kaiden and your family during this hard time and now that you are loved and missed...
  9. terminatrixator

    Seven Years

    Seven Years ago today, Raven put into motion something he planned and premeditated out of selfishness, greed and for no real reason. Obviously he had his reasons, none of them were due to Janet as a human, a wife, a friend, a Mother. He embezzled from Eurosports where Janet and Raven both...
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    Janet's body to be exhumed DURHAM (WTVD) -- The Durham Police Department has requested the family's permission and consent to exhume Janet Abaroa's body from her final resting place in Pennsylvania - permission and consent were granted. Investigators...
  11. terminatrixator

    2010 Ntl. Crime Victims Rights Week - April 18-24th!

    Office for Victims of Crime has announced that this year National Crime Victims' Rights Week will be held April 18 - April 24, 2010. The theme this year is "Crime Victims' Rights: Fairness. Dignity. Respect." I believe Durham starts announcing...
  12. terminatrixator

    Raven to be extradited back to Durham

    There's a picture of Raven signing the extradition papers on ABC 11 and hoping to see footage of some sort.
  13. terminatrixator

    Criminal trial scheduling including pre-trial hearings, conferences & Timeline

    February 1, 2010 - Raven arrested in Montpelier, Idaho and charged with First Degree Murder February 2, 2010 - Raven arraigned in Paris, Idaho. Bond denied, Raven will be held without bond bond in Idaho's Caribou County jail. Raven refused extradition back to North Carolina. February 15...
  14. terminatrixator

    Family Statement February 2nd, 2010 - FAMILY STATEMENT Over 4 years and 9 months ago our beloved daughter Janet and her unborn baby were brutally murdered. This was a significant loss to our family and friends that truly loved Janet for all that she was and could be...
  15. terminatrixator

    Raven Abaroa on Twitter under Blakpijeon

    Interesting find: Raven Abaroa on Twitter under the name Blakpijeon & BlakPijeon Music Tweets: "BlakPijeon Music: How many times must I be hurt by two-faced individuals? Their numbers are...
  16. terminatrixator

    Tears for Janet Song and Memorial Gardens Pictures

    I found the full length song of Tears for Janet's song on Facebook's Tears for Janet Group. I also found the information regarding the song. Tears for Janet The song you hear playing in the background was written by Janet's niece Brianna Kendall...
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    Abaroa's Second Wife Speaks Out

    Abaroa's Second Wife Speaks Out By NC WANTED Staff Posted: May. 12, 2009 Updated: 57 minutes ago
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    Another Mother's Day - Janet you are missed!

    Another year, another Mother's Day. I got my haircut and I was given a Rose for Mother's Day. I received a new office chair and I'm sure tomorrow I will end up with more gifts, hugs, kisses and wishes for a Happy Mother's Day. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and Janet's mom, Mrs. Christiansen will...
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    Drew Peterson is in Custody

    Drew Peterson arrested,Peterson-arrest-watch-050709.article Slowly but surely these men will be put away for the crimes they committed, Craig Stebic and Raven Abaroa and all will pay for the crimes you have committed.
  20. terminatrixator

    Raven Peters (Abaroa) new girlfriend, state, name and life

    I've heard that Raven has really moved on with his life though he isn't even legally divorced. He recently moved to Southern California to be with his girlfriend.:confused: He is also going by the name of Raven Peters again. Obviously with the name Raven Abaroa so easily found on Google he...