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  1. Class-z

    CA - Tatum O'Neal Busted

    Tatum O'Neal, 44 was busted for purchasing crack in a sting. So sad, I really thought she had been off drugs for many years. :(
  2. Class-z

    Drew Peterson to Surrender on Gun Charge

    Just got the news flash, but no info? What have I missed? Sorry,
  3. Class-z

    Kathleen's Children

    The children (two boys) of Drew and Kathleen were served with supenoa's to testify before the grand jury yesterday morning. I didn't quite understand, but Greta stated that four armed, fuly vested police officers showed up at Drew's house to server the boys.
  4. Class-z

    Joe Tacapino

    He was interviewed and asked this morning, if the rumor was true, that DP had been calling and calling him, trying to get him to be his lawyer. Joe said, yes it was true, but comparing EVS and DP, he said you could control the kid in the Holloway case. But DP is someone, whose his own worse...
  5. Class-z

    News conference at 4 EST

    Husband to be named person of interest Edited to say: I heard at lunch the 4:00 EDT news conference, on Fox, but now they are saying 4:30 EDT, so I must of heard it wrong.
  6. Class-z

    Lady Bird Johnson dead at 94
  7. Class-z

    Lohan in Rehab AGAIN

    It just amazes me, that this is the new way fro celebs to get out of jail time, or excuse their behavior. Do something illegal and run to rehab to look better in court.