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    3-Year-Old Found With 14 Bags of Pot

    3-Year-Old Girl Found With 14 Bags of Pot at Daycare: NYPD Hard to believe. Wow... now the baby is in foster care.
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    WARNING issued to Penn State

    MODS if this needs to be moved please do.. Accreditation warning issued to Penn State Commission cites Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, NCAA penalties The commission said in an Aug. 8 notice that Penn State remains accredited while "on warning" but it wants a monitoring report submitted...
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    Gunman on Bike Shoots 4 teens Brooklyn Park

    Gunman on Bike Shoots 4 Teens at Brooklyn Park Four teenagers were shot in a park in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn Monday night, police say. Police said a male on a bicycle fired shots at a group of people near the Fish Playground at Thomas Boyland and Herkimer streets at about...
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    GUILTY AZ - Emma, 4, & Richard Rosovich, 17 mos, shot to death, Tucson, 11 Aug 2012

    Tucson police: Mother kills 2 children, then shoots herself >>>>>>SNIP Perla Morales, 25, survived the shooting. She was arrested and booked into the Pima County Jail on two counts of first-degree murder after her release from the hospital. >>>>>>>>>>>...
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    GUILTY PA - Billy Brewster, 36, stabbed to death, Whitehall, 11 Aug 2012

    Cops: Pennsylvania woman stabs fiance to death hours before wedding >>>>snip "I ... did … not … kill … him … on … purpose," she said, choking out the words one at a time between sobs. Police said the couple were to be married Saturday at 10 a.m...
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    ROMNEY: introduces Ryan as next president :)

    Romney mistakenly introduces Paul Ryan as 'the next president of the United States' Read more:
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    Earthquakes strike Iran

    Powerful earthquakes strike Iran, killing dozens, destroying villages Two powerful earthquakes struck northwest Iran Saturday, killing 80 people and injuring about 400 more, state media reported...
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    Man Shot HIMSELF While Handcuffed?

    Man Shot While Handcuffed: FBI Investigating:what: Police say 21-year-old Chavis Carter shot himself in the head while handcuffed in the back of a police car in Jonesboro, Ark. His family members think it's impossible that he pulled the trigger on himself, and believe the officers were...
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    COLORADO Wild Fire.

    WE MUST PRAY FOR COLORADO :( More flee as Colorado fire sends 2-mile wall of flame down ridge Residents of one community and part of another outside Colorado Springs, Colo., were evacuating Wednesday as a "monster" fire there more than doubled in size from Tuesday and a two-mile-wide...
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    GUILTY FL - Two killed, 7 injured in Pinellas County crime spree, 22 June 2012

    What is going on with educators????? More stories on educators that are freeking me out. Once-popular principal accused in deadly rampage I think it is crack that messed him up. He should have nowen better :maddening:
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    Woman caught performing sex side of highway

    UNBELIVABLE. What is in those waters in Florida??????? Woman caught performing sex act on herself by side of highway is arrested wearing only a shirt and exposing herself to passing motorists Read more...
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    Jaycee Dugard Receives an Award :)

    Jaycee Dugard Appears at First Public Event They were simple words but resonated loudly. "My name is Jaycee Dugard, and I want to say that because for a long time I wasn't able to say my name and so it feels good," the soft-spoken woman told the crowd at an awards ceremony Friday night in...
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    56-year-old Canadian was rescued after 7 weeks..

    Doc: Woman stranded for weeks was close to dying Not sure I put it in the right place MOD - please change if need to) A MOTHERS DAY "MIRACLE" for Rita Chretien. >>>>SNIP The Penticton, British Columbia, resident was found Friday by hunters who spotted her van mired in mud on a national...
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    Wall Street Execs On New Terror Threat Info

    Wall Street Execs On New Terror Threat Info Security officials are warning the leaders of major Wall Street banks that al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen may be trying to plan attacks against those financial institutions or their leading executives. Intelligence officials stress the threats...
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    GUILTY Switzerland - Man admits sexually abusing 100+ disabled children, Bern, 2010

    Swiss Man Admits Abusing 100 Children >>>>>>snip>>more at link "The man admitted sexually abusing 114 mentally handicapped children, some of whom also were physically impaired, police said. He also admitted eight further cases of attempted abuse, authorities said" (via CBS News). It's hard...
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    Children that make your heart sing

    This little girl is wow !!!
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    GUILTY UK - Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, murdered by Saudi prince in London hotel, 14 Feb 2010

    MODS - If this needs to be moved please let me know where it is going :) UK court sentences Saudi prince to at least 20 years for lurid murder. LONDON - Life in prison, with parole possible after 20 years. That was the sentence handed down Wednesday to a Saudi prince convicted of a killing...
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    Family wins $10M settlement from killer :)

    NOT SURE this belongs here - MODS please move if I am in the wrong area. thank you. Family of Demarest woman slain decades ago wins $10M settlement from killer The family of a Demarest woman who was raped and strangled 35 years ago has won a $10 million settlement from her murderer &#8212...
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    Mum brings premature baby son back to life.

    Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him deadBy Mail Foreign Service Last updated at 5:47 PM on 27th August 2010 Read more...
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    Tribesmen kidnap U.S. couple in Yemen

    Tribesmen kidnap U.S. couple in Yemen Captors demand release of prisoner in exchange for their 'guests' SAN'A, Yemen - Armed tribesmen kidnapped an American couple near the Yemeni capital San'a on Monday, officials said. Security officials, a taxi driver and tribesmen said the pair were...