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    GUILTY VA - Tommy Alley, 73, Newport News, 21 February 2012

    I searched and didn't see a thread on this one yet. I originally saw it last week on my feed on facebook and was shocked. Apparently a 73 year old man, Tommy Alley, has been missing since the 21st of February. The police, until yesterday were saying that they did not believe the man to be...

    The Candle Wax

    Mods, please move if there is already a thread discussing this, I searched, but didn't find one and I have been to Callahan's and have a few questions about the wax: First, how much wax are we talking here? Was there enough wax that it would appear that someone spilled it all over one of the...

    Possible Sketches of Caylee Skull Pics *WARNING - Graphic*

    I don't know if this guy was really there, but he posted this article on Orlando magazine and it says that he has been blogging the story since 2008. Seems legit to me but I shall leave it to you guys to decide and take the info and do what you can with it! If it is real, it is said to be quick...

    MSNBC on the Casey Anthony Trial tonight

    Mods, if there is already a thread or I should put this somewhere else please delete or move so I know where to go. I am recording it right now and then I am going to watch it after I watch 20/20. Will be back! Too many places to be at once today.

    City Directories?

    When you guys are working these cold cases, if you ever need information on where people lived long ago where do you go? I am working on an old case where there is actually a person in prison but he is not the correct person. The Innocence Project is currently working to try to get him around...

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    WA - Deputy Charged with Assaulting Prisoner, 15 yr old girl, caught on tape

    Mods: If this is not appropriate or the right place please feel free to delete or move if it already is somewhere on here. I just saw this on CNN and while I agree the girl should not have broken the law, I don't care what she did or said, I feel that this was a bit excessive and I am not...

    KC's Pet??

    If this should be moved somewhere please do so, but I wasn't sure where to put it. I heard somewhere (I can't remember where or I would go look it up again) that KC may have buried a hamster or some other type of animal/pet in the area where the remains were found last week. I was wondering...