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    GUILTY SC - Five Jones children, ages 1-8, Lexington County, 28 Aug 2014 *Father Arrested*

    Schizotypal Personality Disorder; Jones is neither mentally ill nor a candidate for treatment.
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    GUILTY TX - Gelareh Bagherzadeh, 30, & Coty Beavers, 28, Murdered, Houston, Jan & Nov 2012
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    Status Hearings Nov 14, 2017, Jan 22, 2018- Jason Autry and Dylan Adams

    It opened for me Niner, thanks
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    MS - Jessica Chambers, 19, Panola County, Dec 2014 #3 *MISTRIAL*

    Judge denied Defense motions. Trial still set for September.
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    GUILTY Fl - Diane Ward, 55, Murdered In Her Orlando Home, 21 Sept 2009

    Guilty of Manslaughter with a Firearm; sentencing next week for Bod Ward; bond revoked
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    GUILTY TX - Body of Julie Mott, 25, still missing from mortuary, 15 Aug 2015
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    FL FL - Yessenia Suarez, 28, & 2 children, Deltona, 22 Oct 2013 #2 *GUILTY*

    Just an impression, seems like Luis was sending signals to someone in the courtroom? Anyone else notice?
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    GUILTY NC - Jerome, 73, & Dora Faulkner, 62, murdered, Granville County, 1 Jan 2015

    Go to YouTube and enter Eric Campbell trial. Lady Justice has uploaded daily videos of the trial. Lawnewz also has videos and WAT carries it daily. Hope this helps. .
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    MISTRIAL Bill Cosby -- Charged W/Aggravated Sexual Assault/Other Rape Allegations #5

    My opinion only, men tend to be less judgmental regarding 'affairs' and sexual encounters then women.
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    MA - Bella Bond, 2, found dead, Deer Island, Boston Harbor, June 2015 - #8

    Does anyone know if video is available for testimony today?
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    GUILTY NJ - Brendan Creato, 3, found dead in Cooper River Park, 13 Oct 2015

    Hate to be a naysayer here but in my option, DJ kept Brendan from the bedroom so he could sext with Julie. Right wrong or indifferent, I think he loved this little boy. Blast me if you choose but I do not believe DJ would intentionally hurt his son. Something else happened. Don't know what but a...
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    CA - Court upholds Menendez brothers' convictions

    Sorry SweetT, will have to disagree. There is no justification, imo, to kill anyone, much less one's parents. These brothers were old enough to separate, and live on their own if life in the family home was considered abusive to them. Everyone has their own opinion. In my opinion this was a...
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    GUILTY Fl - Dan Markel, 41, Fsu Law Professor, Tallahassee, 18 July 2014 - #5 *arrests*

    Think she was living for the moment as it applied to her. Very self centered indeed with little planning for the future.
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    MA - Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots player, charged with homicides #5

    Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. The CW has connected all of the dots albeit a bit shaky in some spots but there is little doubt, at least for me, AH comiited these murders as well as the attempted murder of AB. Makes me sad in many ways but I just can not see any other explanation. A man...
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    Is there anyone that believes Ross is innocent?

    Sorry Lin, will have to disagree. Ross is not, in my opinion, particularly attuned to peripheral activities. He seems more into himself. I believe this was an accidental death. One of negligence no doubt, but not intentional. He lives for the moment; not a lot of planning, more adolescent...
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    The Sidebar - Harris Trial #3 *VERDICT - GUILTY*

    Is the interview with the defense lawyers posted on a viewable link? The 11 link gives me nada. TIA.
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    The Sidebar - Harris Trial

    In many corporations, companies, businesses, your employee name is that which is on your SS card, therefore HR makes the determination as to what will be on your 'official' documents, tax documents, employee liistings in directories, including e-mail. Even staff who work in IT have to go through...
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    The Sidebar - Harris Trial

    May be poor recollection here, not sure, so bear with me. The HR divorce checklist Ross went to had a link about 'Name Change'. Didn't one of his friends testify that he wanted to change his prepopulated e-mail name from Justin Harris to Ross Harris? Could this be a reason he went to the link...
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    GUILTY TX - Christina Morris, 23, Plano, 30 Aug 2014 - Enrique Arochi kidnapping trial #6

    Does anyone have a good link to share? WAA is not working with me. TIA

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