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    Seti Shuts Down

    Maybe I am the only one here who cares, but I almost started crying. No more shuttles, the entire space program in jeopardy and now this: and SETI has temporarily halted one of its chief alien-hunting tools, the Allen...
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    MS MS - Robin Coultas Rodriguez, 20, Gulfport, 2 June 1976
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    Federal law takes on crimes against Indian women
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    Ga. firefighter makes video of fatal car crash

    Not sure where to post this-
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    GUILTY NY - Homer Marciniak, 78, comic collector, dies after home invasion, 5 July 2010

    And they haven't been charged with murder, why? Vendetti has already posted bail and been released. and
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    All But Decapitated, Boy, 9, Recovers A Christmas miracle.
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    Identified! CA - Camp Pendleton, male human remains, Aug'08 - James Parmentier,2933,400781,00.html
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    Southern Florida Community Overrun by Peacocks,2933,400974,00.html
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    Australia - Deborah Melville, 12, dies of extreme neglect, Palmerston, 12 July 2007

    This is distressing. And nauseating. And... Well, just plain horrific...,23599,24090555-421,00.html and and and
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    LA LA - Frank Morris, 51, Ferriday, 10 Dec 1964
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    Caylee Marie Anthony - 2 - missing for a month before mother contacts authorities! #2

    This is one bizarre (and probably tragic) story.,0,3232170.story?page=1 Caylee ad her mother were living with the mther's parents. They left because the mother said she had found work in Tampa. It wasn't true. The...
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    IL IL - Des Plaines, Mark Allen Smith, 3+ female victims, IL, AR, Germany, 1966-1970,ed-marksmith-071008-s1.article
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    Born with Too Much Skin

    Not for the squeamish... And what I don't understand is there are two sets of sisters. Which means the parents had one child like this, then went ahead and had another. Which, if true, strikes me as a tad irresponsible...
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    Bizzare Labyrinth beneath California Home

    Reminds me of HH Holmes & His Castle of Death... (Chicago reference) and I really want to know more...
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    Missing Palatine IL Woman- You Can Help

    What: Offical organized Search for Lisa Stebic at Silver Springs State Park. We are reaching out to the Chicagoland Community, once come to the aid of Plainfield, Illinois ' "Missing Mother of Two" - Lisa Stebic. "As many of you know, our beloved daughter, sister, cousin and...